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Energy Medicine Institute

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Energy Medicine Institute

About My Service To You…

Hi there! I’m Christine Agha. I am an Energy Medicine Master Practitioner, Mindset Coach and General Manager of EMI

My passion is facilitating healing and empowering women to get out of their own way and manifest a life that they absolutely love.

They are generally high achievers in whatever they do - whether it’s being a mother, a friend, an entrepreneur, doing well in their career… and perhaps are really set in society’s ideas of doing, doing and more doing and have lost the ability to embrace and embody the feminine aspect of themselves and be in the space of stillness. The place where we have connection, trust and belief in ourselves to follow our own internal guidance system.

They find themselves swinging from one extreme to the next like a swinging pendulum, either overworking and barely avoiding burnout or at the other end - stuck in procrastination.. Unable to find the right balance. Perhaps so busy being busy that they have lost touch with themselves. They feel challenged with anxiety, overwhelm or depression and don’t know how to move past this.

The women I work with often consider themselves over-sensitive and find themselves struggling to separate the feelings and reactions of others, and they even find themselves almost mind reading at times - assuming the worst and this greatly impacts their ability to not be affected by others. Perhaps reacting or over reacting and feeling unable to manage their own emotions.

Battling with internal conflict prevents them from following through with the action required to achieve their desires.

Can you relate?

  • Are you feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied?
  • Are you STUCK and not sure how to make the changes you want to see?
  • Do you need more balance and peace in your life?
  • Does everyone and everything come before you?
  • Are you struggling with bad habits that you just can't seem to shake?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with the pressure and expectations of life?
  • Do long for a deeper, soulful and loving connection with your family and friends?

About Me

I am also a wife and mum of 2 boys. I have worked with hundreds of women to heal and turn down the internal battle inside their minds and learn how to conquer that negative voice of self judgement.

After overcoming years of my personal struggle with an unhealthy relationship with my mind, my body and food and finally creating a fulfilling life that gives me happiness again… it is my sacred duty to bring as many women with me out to the other end of their struggles too. In my journey with EMI I have been blessed in actively creating a business and life I absolutely love.

I used to be stuck constantly keeping myself busy and distracted with my never ending to-do list and emotional eating, yo-yo dieting (losing and gaining between 5-30kg at a time), overspending and binge watching tv. These were my ways of coping with the overwhelm, depression and anxiety I felt daily. I know what it feels like to be stuck and I also know how important it is to find peace and balance within so that you can love and lead.

My mission is guiding women on their own journey of self discovery towards ultimate self care, unshakeable faith and unbounded energy.

In turn this will allow you to have deeper and more meaningful relationships with your loved ones, be a happier person to be around and create a calmer, more loving energy in your home and workplace for your family, friends and most importantly… for yourself.

What you can expect

  • Reconnect with yourself
  • Be your authentic self and know your worth
  • Learn to easily set healthy boundaries
  • Openly and honestly express yourself
  • A loving journey of self discovery
  • Find inner peace
  • Learn to love life again
  • Find your HAPPY
  • Feel energetic and inspired
  • Outsmart the self sabotage
  • Shift from negativity to positivity
  • Change your mindset to one of compassion and kindness
  • Let go of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Reprogram bad habits that no longer serve you
  • Create positive new habits for lasting, sustainable change
  • Overcome the inner conflict and overwhelm that has kept you struggling

Learn to Flow With Life, Not Against It.

How We Can Work Together

Art of Living Ultimate VIP Package

6 Monthly One on One VIP Energy Sessions
(90 minute sessions via Zoom)

  • Lifetime Access to EMI’s 12 month Art Of Living Online Program
  • Lifetime Access to our EMI Art Of Living Facebook Tribe
  • 6 Monthly Online Group Energy Sessions
    (Small Groups of 10)

VIP Energy Session Package

5 One on One VIP Energy Sessions
(90 minute sessions via Zoom)

Group Energy Sessions
(Small Groups of 10)

  • Spots are limited
  • Lifetime Access to our EMI Tribe Facebook Communit

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