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Eleonore Stephan

Energy Psychology and Quantum Healing

Woodcroft SA 5162

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Clinical Hypnotherapist,  Psychotherapist,  Master NLP Practitioner,  Richards Trauma Process,  Maxtrix Re-imprinting Creator of the “Happy Psyche Solutions” program, helping people overcome the debilitating effects of Anxiety, Trauma, Grief, Fear, Phobias, Pain, etc.  30 years experience helping people transform their lives. I can help you to create powerful changes, in your mind, body, and spirit so you can live your best life.    

Energy Psychology and Quantum Healing ~ About Eleonore Stephan

Servicing area

Australia wide via ZOOM, Woodcroft, South Australia

Focus areas

Emotional wellbeing Trauma Anger Self-esteem Pain management Clinical hypnotherapy


 Healing ourselves on the spiritual level involves developing a strong connection with our soul.
We heal ourselves on the mental level as we become aware of our core beliefs, release those that limit us, and open to more supportive ideas and greater understanding.

Emotional healing takes place as we learn to accept and experience the full range of our feelings.
And we heal ourselves on the physical level when we learn to honor and care for our bodies, and for the physical world around us.
Shakti Gawain

Personal Reflections

My biggest joy and sense of fulfilling my soul passion and purpose is when I assist my clients to open to new possibilities and create space for new and exciting things in their lives, - I’ve learnt to ‘pay it forward’ and I just love it! ‘If you think you can’ or ‘If you think you can’t’ you are correct….what will you choose to think?” If you are genuinely interested in personal growth and change, and unlocking the limitless potential of your mind to create and manifest the life you truly want to live, then I look forward to facilitating that process with you!

For the many years that I taught ‘Exploring the Metaphysical World’ workshops and personal growth courses, and consulted in my practice teaching and administering various esoteric healing techniques, it was done from a place of trust and faith; but I always had a strong connection and love of science because I knew that, in time, science would catch up! I’ve been blessed to see that now beginning to unfold.

Science has only more recently been able to design the technology to measure thoughts, emotions, map the meridians, and measure the effects on the heart and brain – that ultimately effect the functioning of every cell and system of the body. The works of cellular biologist Dr Bruce Lipton, neuroscientist Dr Candace Pert, and the Heart-Math Institute all lead to the same conclusion – the quality of your thoughts and emotions determine the functioning of your heart and mind – and in turn, determine the way in which your cells function, respond, and most significantly of all – how they heal. The most exciting revelation is that you can consciously choose to think and feel differently – which will change the expression of your DNA – and which ultimately determine your health, and quality of life.

How are you enjoying your life? Are you excited every day with the sheer thrill of being alive? Do you feel joy and excitement in all those areas of your life – personal, professional, social and spiritual? Would you like to know the secrets to creating a sensational life where you can easily become wealthy or even famous? You can easily be a ground breaking author, teacher, visionary, and investor, whatever you truly desire! What do you want?

There are some key fundamentals that can pave the way to ensure a happy and successful future, with resilience, enthusiasm and optimism. Life does not have to be mundane; you can find fun and laughter in every moment, even when faced with the toughest of life experiences, decisions, and situations. You can take those first steps to unfold and blossom into your full potential. New opportunities and experiences are always available, and your chances of success are multiplied as you move from being ordinary to extraordinary.

The more recent works of (neuroscientist) Dr Caroline Leaf via fMRI’s show how emotions and thoughts create structures (neuro-pathways) in the brain, which becomes the sub-conscious patterns in your life. These neuro-pathways (patterns) CAN be changed and dissipated – unhealthy patterns and expressions, can be dismantled - and I love to facilitate that process with my clients!

The basis for changing all (subconscious) negative patterns behaviour, be that smoking, weight loss, or struggling in a challenging relationship or job will benefit from any of the therapies I offer – let’s discuss it!

Professional Abstract

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Master practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Eleonore’s main area of focus has been to gently assist her client’s to overcome and transform out of, some of life’s toughest experiences of trauma and abuse, grief, and illness, with compassion and insight.

Eleonore has a special interest in those effected by illness and cancer, exploring new ways to address issues associated with self-esteem, pain management, and relationship issues for those touched by the effects of illness and cancer.

She is regularly invited as a guest speaker at Women’s Groups, and motivates others to reach for their own full potential. She is an energetic presenter, speaker, and trainer, sharing personal and powerful knowledge and insights that inspire you to be all you can be.

Eleonore has run a successful practice for approximately 27 years from Adelaide, South Australia, loves teaching and training, travelling the world meeting new and diverse people, is a published author, and grandmother to eight grandchildren.

Professional Qualifications & Certifications

  • Advanced Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & Master NLP Practitioner 91475 NSW
  • Certified Cognitive Behaviour Therapist (CBT)
  • TRTP (The Richards Trauma Process) Practitioner
  • Certified International HOPE Pain Management Coach
  • Trauma, Abuse, Phobias and Anxiety specialist
  • Specialist Quit Smoking
  • Certified “Unzip the Fat Suit” and Weight Loss Practitioner
  • Matrix Re-Imprinting/Energy Psychology (EFT, EMDR, TFT)
  • Relationships - Sexuality & Intimacy Presenter/Lecturer
  • Past Life and Spiritual Re-Integration Facilitator
  • Certificate IV - Leadership (Transactional Analysis) -Coaching, Counselling, Mentoring & Performance Management
  • Certificate IV - Transactional Analysis Theory
  • Cert III - Personal & Workplace Counselling
  • International Quantum Touch Instructor and Practitioner
  • Theta Healing Practitioner
  • Chi Nei Tsang & Hara Releasing Practitioner
  • Advanced Train the Trainer…and much more!

With additional Certificates and Diploma’s in various physical and spiritual healing modalities, including Anatomy & Physiology, Neuroskeletal Dynamics, Energy Psychology, Reiki, Touch for Health, meditation, imagery, crystals, colour, and subtle energies (aura’s and chakra’s) Flower Essences, and Polarity Therapy, Eleonore has developed a unique integrated style as a Holistic Practitioner and Psychotherapist. She has been teaching and consulting for approximately 27 years in the southern suburbs of Adelaide.


Eleonore Stephan visits the group “Concerning Women” as a guest speaker whenever requested. Last time, surpassing all expectations she gave an extraordinary and memorable presentation encompassing several of her impressive list of qualifications. In generously sharing her knowledge she dealt with questions with a great deal of humility and understanding.

Eleonore challenged our concepts of appropriate and effective healing, allowing those present to make sound decisions regarding their physical and psychological well-being. Her ability to motivate and encourage is inspiring.

I would liken the depth of healing she provides in connection with a client as “Heart – to – Heart, Soul – to – Soul”. I look forward to her next “Guest Appearance” to inspire a new group of women.

June Stephenson
Founder/Director/Facilitator “Concerning Women" (est. '92)

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3 Services

Hypnosis & Counselling

Hypnotherapy Counselling Psychotherapy
$1500 Per course

Program Package 6 hours

Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy
$595 Per session

Minimum 2 hours


  • Advanced Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & Master Nlp Practitioner

Professional Membership

  • Australian Hypnotherapists' Association

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