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Energy Psychology and Quantum Healing

Eleonore Stephan

Woodcroft SA 5162

Servicing area: Woodcroft, South Australia

Energy Psychology and Quantum Healing
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Quantum Touch Instructor, Metaphysical Healing

Energy Psychology and Quantum Healing - Exploring the Metaphysical World


Healing ourselves on the spiritual level involves developing a strong connection with our soul.
We heal ourselves on the mental level as we become aware of our core beliefs, release those that limit us, and open to more supportive ideas and greater understanding.

Emotional healing takes place as we learn to accept and experience the full range of our feelings.
And we heal ourselves on the physical level when we learn to honor and care for our bodies, and for the physical world around us.
Shakti Gawain

Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion. Buddha

Advancements in science and technology now supports what spiritual practices have long known and taught - that subtle energies are the governing force that determines the expression of one’s physical existence.

Examples includes:

  • Measurement of the heart’s energies confirm it is stronger than that of the brain and is the mediator of all physiological reactions
  • Brainwave technologies that can assist in balancing the hemispheres, allowing for clearer thinking and creativity
  • The meridians and chakra’s are all visible and measurable with various technologies

Aura/Chakra Therapy

The human aura is the energy field that surrounds an individual. All matter, i.e. anything with an atomic structure will have an aura, an energy field that surrounds it. The atoms of animate life such as plants, animals and people are more active and vibrant than inanimate matter, making their energy fields easier to feel and observe. Some of the various energy emanations that surround and emanate from the physical body include electrical, light, heat & thermal, sound, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. These are scientifically measurable, and they confirm the human body is an energy system.

The aura is three dimensional and surrounds the physical body in all directions. The shape, size, colours and intensity of the aura indicate specific things about your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. The healthier you are physically and spiritually, the stronger the vibration of your aura. The more vitalized the aura is, the more energy and vitality will be available to do the things you want to. A weak aura will result in low energy levels, a feeling of not being in control, being manipulated or constant tiredness, and can lead to health problems. The aura is weakened by poor diet, lack of exercise fresh air and rest, stress, drugs, alcohol, smoking, and negative habits.

The aura interacts with all energies surrounding it, including the auras of the people around you, nature, and even planetary influences. Everyone has their own unique energy system and the way it interacts and works with the more subtle surroundings will vary from individual to individual.
The seven major chakras are areas of greater electromagnetic activity within the auric field. They mediate and distribute all energy within, coming into and going out of the body.

Due to the strong electromagnetic properties of the aura it is common for energy exchanges to occur, i.e. you give some energy, (the electrical aspect) and you absorb some energy (the magnetic aspect). Unless you are aware of the exchange, often at the end of a day you can feel very drained, or feel that you are going a bit crazy with strange thoughts! That feeling after talking on the telephone with someone who leaves you feeling completely drained is a sign of a weakened aura, with you feeling exhausted, and the other person often feeling great, because they have managed to draw on your energy! This kind of energy exchange is unhealthy.

The easiest way to rejuvenate your energy field is to walk in nature, or by the ocean. Aura cleansing and chakra balancing therapy also assists in realigning, opening, balancing, and strengthening these energies.

Colour Therapy

Colour therapy is extensively used for its ability to effect the human energy systems, including emotional and mental patterns. Its usage by the medical profession for healing is demonstrated in the use of ultraviolet light for sterilization, and blue light for jaundiced babies. Some prisons are even now painting the rooms for holding aggressive inmates in pink as it has proved to be calming and soothing. Yellow is used in school rooms as it has been shown to improve learning abilities.

Colours effect and evoke responses on our emotional and vital responses, but more evidence suggests that we need full spectrum lighting to maintain health. Research conducted on two groups of school children showed the group with full spectrum lighting showed within a month, higher levels of behaviour and classroom performance, academic achievement, including several learning-disabled children with extreme hyperactivity problems seems to calm down and overcome some of their learning and reading problems. The children under standard cool while fluorescent lighting demonstrated fatigue, irritability, and attention deficits. Chickens laying eggs under full spectrum lighting produce eggs with approximately 25% less cholesterol, and is interesting considering human cholesterol levels also drop under the influence of sunlight.

Colours are various frequencies of the light spectrum. In particular they can activate and assist the chakras in their role of energy exchange. As the chakras distribute energy to all parts of the physical body, colour therapy can be applied to assist in the proper biological functioning of all living organisms.

Crystal Healing

Crystals have electromagnetic properties that are utilized for storage of data in computers, as well as being able to be used to exchange energies with the human aura. When cleansed crystals are used within the auric field, they are able to dissipate irregular energies and assist the body to return to optimal energy patterns.

Crystals and gemstones are used extensively for healing and balancing of the human energy systems due to their very strong and stable energy patterns.

Crystals are selected for use for healing by understanding their energy patterns, including colour, structural configurations, and size. Quartz crystals have a great affinity for healing as the human body consists of various crystalline structures including cell salts, fatty tissue, lymphatics, red and white blood cells, and the pineal and thymus gland.

Crystalline structures work on sympathetic resonancy. (ie if you had two tuned violins in a room and played a string on one, the other violins same string would being to resonate). By knowing the best use for a crystal (ie which organ or function of the body it best aligns) resonancy is the way in which the energies of a crystal would strengthen and assist the energy of the associated organ to return to its optimum energy level.

Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch (QT) is an easy to learn method of hands-on healing that uses the scientific principles of resonance and entrainment – combined with very specific breathing techniques and simple body awareness exercises – to create a powerful, yet natural, field of healing energy

QT is a profound technique for healing and that offers a comfortable and gentle, non invasive experience – inflammation is reduced, bones melt into alignment, deep relaxation is induced that reduces stress, resulting to an overall feeling of wellbeing and the ability of the body to better heal.

There is no physical manipulation in QT. Only the lightest, most gentle touch is used.

QT has been tested in clinical settings and used in hospitals and operating rooms. It has received numerous endorsements from doctors, surgeons, nurses, chiropractors, massage therapists and many others in a wide range of fields; acupressure, Reiki, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, sports trainers and more. Why? Because QT is a safe, natural way to enhance the body’s innate ability to heal itself and it shows no limits in what can be accomplished.

Your body has the unfathomable energy to heal itself. You do not have to instruct your body how to heal a cut, a bruise or a broken bone; it has the innate ability to do so. However, if your health is poor or your immune system is in some way com-promised, then your body does not have the energy needed to heal itself from serious illness or injury. QT simply provides a powerful field of natural healing energy that your body entrains to and can draw upon to accelerate its healing.

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT)

NOTE: appointments offered for women only

Specialising in women who are having difficulty in conceiving - CNT appointments are up to 2 hours and cost $250.00

Chi Nei Tsang has a profound healing effect on all who experience it. Initial consultation include a comprehensive full background health history.

An ancient Chinese Taoist massage healing technique, used to balance and stimulate the internal organs to function correctly. Many other techniques and systems of healing work at the body's extremities, away from the navel centre and the organs. CNT is applied to the abdominal centre where the Universal, Cosmic Particle, and Earth forces are combined and stored.

CNT energizes the meridians, frees energy blocks, and stimulates the senses, emotions and bodily functions. Massage is well known for its healing, relaxing, lymphatic and circulatory stimulation. CNT achieves this and much more. By directly massaging the internal organs including the small and large intestines, pancreas, spleen, liver, gall bladder etc, profound results can be experienced as these organs are stimulated to function at optimum levels. CNT can assist in unblocking and releasing stagnant energies, and stimulating vitality, resulting in the organs becoming more pliable, healthy, and active.

A good CNT practitioner will also check the pulses and tongue of a client, which are also indicators of the strength of circulating energies. Meridian, chakra, sound, and colour visualisations are techniques used in Chi Nei Tsang to stimulate energy flowing to and from organs back to optimum levels.

Often a client will experience some of the blocked and suppressed emotions as they are released from the organs, including anger, hate, jealousy, grief, and worry. As energy levels are returned to proper levels, the most common experience reported by recipients are joy, happiness, new found vitality, and that "things seem to have changed for the better" in an individuals life - a rewarding experience!

Energy Balancing

Energy Balancing – using crystals, sound, colours, visualisations, and gentle Reiki touch. For a relaxing and pampering experience, drift into sacred space, connect with spiritual beings, while I rebalance your polarity, meridians, chakra’s and subtle bodies - exquisite!

Subtle energies direct and influence the functioning of the physical body

Change your energy and you can change your life!


I first met Eleonore when I took some one of her personal development courses in the late 90’s. Later, when I decided to start a family, and had tried unsuccessfully for more than one year to conceive, I was desolate, and blamed my endometriosis etc. Eleonore suggested I try Chi Nei Tsang, as she had some success with other women who had difficulty conceiving. I made an appointment the week before I was due to ovulate, and was estatic to find out I was pregnant within the month. I had an easy pregnancy and my beautiful son Michael was born 26th October 2000. I can highly recommend Eleonore as an inspirational teacher, and gifted therapist and healer. She has a warm blend of wisdom, intimacy and humor that encourages and inspires you to find beauty and peace in the seemingly mundane or difficult experiences of daily living – you can feel her loving compassion, and her wicked sense of humour is delightful!
Sandra ~ Sheidow Park

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