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Enigma Holistic Health

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Enigma Holistic Health

Unleash your self-healing power with Enigma Holistic Health with Annie Hutchins.

Emotional Healing & Therapeutic Support Services

Who is Annie Hutchins? 

Founder of Enigma Holistic Health, a kinesiologist, mind-body medicine therapist, and a reiki practitioner. 

What is Enigma Holistic Health? 

This is a non-invasive, gentle and effective approach to Emotional healing that can have you living free from trouble, disorder, and discomfort opening yourself to the full potential of living a positive and sound life. It offers a helpful support service using specific Kinesiology and Mind-Body Medicine therapies. 

We are all inclined to certain hereditary influences that affect our physical and mental wellbeing and as we go through life experiences this has shaped our actions and beliefs. 

Mind-Body Medicine (MBM) treatment works well with the individual traits and experiences that are very unique. It resets patterns that are not in accordance with living an adjusted solid way of life. The major part of the Mind-Body Medicine/Kinesiology fields would be a stress-related work. In line with this, Stress Release Treatment is being taught in all Mind-Body Medicine and Kinesiology courses that are used regularly in consulting work.

In the event that you or somebody you care about suffers from the following: 

  • Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Panic Disorder
  • PTSD
  • Phobias
  • Unmanageable Stress

Mind-Body Medicine (MBM) can offer assistance to change your life. 

What are the services offered in Enigma Holistic Health? 

Initial Mind-Body Medicine Session

One and half hour that is more about reality fact-finding. It includes discussion about your reason as to why you are at the session. We will briefly talk about your issue, explore and know the changes merely need to create, and set positive objectives. This usually ends with an acupressure adjustment to begin with the healing process. 

Standard Mind-Body Medicine Session (MBM)

Includes acupressure, emotional stress, focusing and other mind-body medicine treatment, counseling procedures, chakra balancing, energy healing, and other energy work relevant to the healing process. 

Vibrational Energy Therapy Session

One hour working through Chakras and Auric areas to clear and adjust. Essential oils, crystals, colour, and sound may be utilised amid the treatment session.

What are people saying about Enigma Holistic Health?

"I have been seeing Annie for a few health issues. One issue was a lower back pain strain. I have had lower back issues many times, which usually takes at least 2 weeks to get better, but this time I saw Annie and have had a rapid recovery of only a couple of days after having a session with Annie.

"My main problem was a rash that I had come up everyday for nearly 3 years. We worked on it until the root cause was revealed and with 2 days of a session with Annie the rash disappeared. It's been over 7months now and I have been totally rash free.

"I highly recommend Annie."
- Jenny Castrique

"I saw Annie for a few sessions of kinesiology to help with anxiety. I had come out of a relationship & struggled to finalise my issues with my ex-partner. Her therapy, treatment & guidance enabled me to rediscover myself & move forward with my life. She is amazing."
- Cindy Kaye

"Thank you Annie for my Kinesiology treatment yesterday. I have been looking for a treatment to help with my link between gastrointestinal and overactive adrenaline. I found you and looking forward to regular treatments."
- Bec Norton

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Emotional Healing & Therapeutic Support Services