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Releasing deeply ingrained holding patterns and tensions

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Network Care

Network Care is a contemporary form of chiropractic treatment that will release and alleviate deeply ingrained tension and holding patterns in the body. A network practitioner utilises a gentle system of light touches to certain points on the body (called entrainments). In doing so, neurological pathways are stimulated that will prompt the brain to suggest to the body how it can release tension and realign itself in a way that is more balanced. Network Care looks to help your body to stimulate its own healing abilities.

The typical result is an individual feeling more flexible and at ease, coping with stress, breathing more freely and having a dramatically improved experience life. Those clients who receive Network Care report feeling less pain and enhanced organ function. They also speak about their feelings more openly and with a greater sense of ease.

Network Care begins with a consultation with the practitioner to provide information about your health history. There is also a physical examination to assess the types and the degree of holding patterns and tension within the body. The practitioner then will discuss the different options you have and the treatment plan with you. A single session of Network Care can have a huge impact but usually it is best to have several or a course of treatments. Following the course of treatment the client and the practitioner will assess the progress and the changes that have been brought about.


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