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May 2004

Envitalize-Total Natural Health

Contact Name Cheryl Tantsis-Hall
Mobile 0417 115 968
Address Eltham North VIC 3088
Servicing Areas Eltham, Victoria

Envitalize provides a caring environment with Cheryl being a fully qualified Naturopath providing holistic individual support.

Envitalize Naturopathy

About Cheryl
Cheryl has been practising for 10 years and has had successful clinics in Montmorency and Greensborough before returning to Eltham to practice. At present she is studying a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Education and Teaching along with teaching and supervising student naturopathy clinics at Holmesglen TAFE in Mount Waverley. Cheryl is also a certified Vega Testing Practitioner.

About Naturopathy
Naturopathic medicine is based on the principle "that our bodies have an innate ability to heal itself when given the right conditions".

During the initial 1 hour consultation a thorough personal history is taken in an attempt to discover the cause of presenting symptoms. The physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental aspects of each patient will be taken into account to individualise treatment.

Patient education is also vital for any treatment to be successful.

My aim is to not only prevent disease and restore/maintain optimal health but is also placed upon educating people so that they become aware of their own bodies needs.

Modalities used under the naturopathic umberalla include:

* Clinical Nutrition - the use of individual dietary protocols, vitamins
and minerals.

* Herbal Medicine – the use of plant substances for their healing
and nutritive properties.

* Homeopathy - the use of minute potentised plant substances,
which have been used for over 200 years to aid the body to heal.

* Flower Essences – stimulates the body’s self-healing abilities,
especially our emotions.

* Lifestyle – identifying lifestyle and environmental risk factors
that are encroaching on health.

Conditions that commonly respond well include:

* Stress, Anxiety and Depression
* Menstrual and hormonal disorders
* Immune dysfunction and chronic fatigue
* Childhood complaints
* Digestive disorders
* Skin conditions
* Cancer support
* Pregnancy support
* Weight Loss

Allergy Testing & Treatment - is also available with Vega Testing. Conditions such as hayfever, sinusitis, eczema, hives etc. along with behavioural problems, such as ADD can be pinpointed and treated.

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Qualification Details

Grad Cert Mental Health Practice
BAppHlth, AdvDipHlthSc (Naturopathy), DipHlthSci (Herbal Medicine) DipHlthSci (Nutrition), Cert IV TAE.*
GAPS Certified Practitioner

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