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Enza Lyons

Enza Lyons

Embrace Life Health & Wellness Centre
4a / 4 - 8 Burke Crs
North Lakes QLD 4509

Servicing area: Servicing North Lakes and Northern Suburbs in Brisbane

*Online Consultations availble now*

Let's talk about your biggest challenge right now and help you solve it...

  • Pain Relief & Stress Management
  • Overcome Learning Difficulties & Hyperactivity
  • Increase Whole Brain Learning
  • Enhance Child development and behaviour
  • Improve posture and coordination
  • Overcome Anxiety & Depression
  • Enhance Health & Wellness

"Moving from stress and overwhelm to joy, healing and creativity"

“I assist people who are stuck, they are frustrated because they know what they want and are totally fed up with not being able to do it. They feel disconnected and just want to enjoy their life again. I help them stop struggling and get back on track … so they feel back in charge and have the confidence to create their life the way they want to.  I assist them to do that really quickly – they start feeling better from our very first session.”

(Also provide services to self managed NDIS clients, children and adults)

Discover how to create physical, mental and emotional health and well-being for the whole family for greater happiness, healing and success in life...

Phone Enza Lyons now on 0413 697 692 or Request a booking online...

*Online consultations are available now*

Wellness Coach, Kinesiologist, Brain Gym Trainer & Teacher Aide

Why Enza can assist you?

  • My personal story began when I was a busy mother bringing up a young family and involved in managing a busy family business. I was searching for answers to reduce my stress levels and anxiety, release my persistent neck and back pain. Around that time I also wanted to help my children to improve their grades at school. This led me on a journey to find the answers to solve my challenges.
  • On my life’s journey I found the answers.  I trained with leading educators around the world, mentors and coaches. I discovered simple yet powerful effective brain training techniques, exercises and muscle release skills to reduce my anxiety, release neck and back pain. I also improved my memory, increased focus and resilience and became better organised. My energy levels and quality of my life improved and I loved life again. I learnt how to rewire and retrain the brain effectively, changing old patterns of thinking to new patterns and get rid of self doubt and inner critic that holds us back to new opportunities.
  • Over 25 years as a practitioner, trainer and coach, I help people identify and overcome their inner fears, break free of their limiting beliefs and become who they truly are. I have been amazed to see the transformations with thousands of my clients lives, children and adults who have made miraculous and astounding results. I have been involved in my practice providing personal coaching and conducting workshops in Australia teaching effective techniques and strategies for stress, pain and time management, child development and body movement, whole brain learning and wellness.
  • I draw on the latest research from Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Heart Maths, Mindfulness and Kinesiology fields. I take a wholistic approach to coaching one on one sessions and group training emowering people to resolve issues in their personal and work lives to find a pathway towards purpose and fulfilment.

Do you have something important you want to change?

Find out how you can:

  • improve your energy, health or fitness
  • reduce and release neck, head, shoulder or menstrual pain
  • improve posture or balance
  • help your child's behaviour, dyslexia, poor memory or focus
  • support child's developmental milestones, head control, coordination, crawling, walking or speech
  • recover faster from injuries
  • eliminate negative beliefs from childhood, increase clarity, confidence and purpose in life
  • manage your stress levels better

Find out how to start living the life you desire and achieve your goals...faster than you thought possible! WITHOUT the anxiety, overwhelm and negative thoughts.

Make an appointment today for a one-on-one personal coaching sessions! ... so we can talk about your biggest challenge right now and help you solve it.

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“I am a Mum with 2 small children and I originally came to Enza as I was really stressed out and not copying with the everyday stresses of running a household and looking after the children. After three sessions, I have already noticed that I feel a great sense of calmness...I am able to organise myself and have a more positive outlook on life.”
- Tanya, Mother

“Academically, she has developed beyond my wildest dreams. After the second session, she graduated to reading very simple chapter books. Her ability to sound out tricky words has improved, as has her speech and ability to communicate both verbally and in written form. Her teacher has commented on her focus and she has even been given awards for listening and concentration”
- Gina, Mother of 5-year-old child.

“In all of my university and accounting studies, I have never seen a better way of “putting the brain in gear.” This is what the program is all about. It’s like getting a ‘brain tune-up’. I sincerely wish I had known about this service years ago.”
- Allan, Manager and Accountant

“My general sense of well-being, ease of relaxing and will to get on with the job has improved...the arthritic pain in my left hip which was very noticeable each morning is gone in spite of the onset of motor coordination is generally eye sight is better...”
- Jenny, Geologist

Make an appointment today! ... so we can talk about your biggest challenge right now and help you solve it...

Book an appointment to see Enza Lyons now on 0413 697 692

Find out more about the next Workshops  - Bring Balance to Everyday Life, Unlock Barriers and Achieve your Dreams and Desires. 

  • Uncover hidden challenges that maybe sabotaging your ability to make changes that last or that are slowing down your progress
  • Reclaim the joy of living!
  • Improve focus, memory, coordination, learn skills to reduce your stress levels and much more!
  • Experience the amazing benefits of Brain Gym.

 Introduction to Brain Gym - 1 day - First 5 hours

  • Sunday, 7 June, 2020 - Online classes
  • Monday, 6 July, 2020 - Online classes

Brain Gym 104 -  16 hours

  • 17 & 24 May, 2020  -  Online classes

Brain Gym 101- 32 hours

  • Sun 7, 14, 21, 28 June, 2020  -  Online classes
  • Mon 6, Tues 7, Wed 8, Thurs 9 July, 2020 - Online classes


Qualification Details

Certified Wellness Coach, Registered Kinesiologist A.K.A., A.T.M.S., Licensed Brain Gym Teacher B.G.A., Education Support teacher, Rhythmic Movement Training, Workplace Wellness Wise practitioner experienced in Stress and Pain Management, Whole Brain Learning, Child Development, Posture and Movement.

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