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Disabilities Heart disease Hormonal imbalance ...
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Attention: Executives, CEO’s and Human Resource Managers...

Are you struggling with

  • absenteeism
  • ageing workforce
  • heavy workloads
  • declining productivity
  • staff morale and engagement
  • attraction and retention issues
  • high workers compensation costs

Discover how to Strengthen Your Business With Wholistic Wellness Strategies...

"I show you how to up-skill your management and employees to manage their stress more effectively, ‘gladly come to work’, work smarter and increase their productivity and performance".
(saving time and thousands of dollars on staff turn-over and absenteeism)

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Workplace Health and Wellness Training Programs

With an effective Wholistic Wellness Strategy in your business you could

  • Boost employee engagement and reduce absenteeism
  • Ensure your staff are safe and fit to work
  • Ultimately create a great workplace where employees love to work

It has been found that the top five work-related conditions affecting Australian workers are 29% back, neck and spinal problems, 22% hay fever, 21% heart diseases, 14% migraine headaches and 10% anxiety. The study has also found that the healthiest Australian employees are almost three times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues (The Health of Australia’s Workforce, 2005)

How much is it costing your organisation?

You have probably tried a few initiatives and strategies to solve problems such as absenteeism, staff turnover and workplace culture. Many organisations put a band-aid over the problem with hardly any measurable improvements. The problem is that most organisations are approaching health and wellness the wrong way.

It is definitely possible to get results from health and wellness programs and achieve your business goals.

In fact research shows that...

“Financial performance increases 2.5 times when health and wellness is encouraged.” (Source: Right Management)

Workplace wellness works well when done well. However, developing an effective sustainable strategies can be overwhelming.

“As a senior executive in Brisbane in the field of finance, accounting and business applications, I see the critical need for effective and efficient thinking.  Since having sessions with Enza Lyons, I have been able to have my mind more attuned to handle the high level work and busy work schedule in which I am engaged. I now think more clearly, logically and I am more focused than I have been in the past. This means I can think more posiitively, clearly and have more relaxing and stress fee time as a result.  I now feel more effective and posiitve about doing my job.

In the information age when organisations are looking for ways to do things smarter, to improve the bottom line, to get more value for the training dollar, it makes sense to fine tune employees’ minds as never before, giving organisations one of the greatest competitive advantages of all.”Allan, Business executive

Enza Lyons, has been involved in the health and wellness field for over 25 years, is certified Workplace Wellness Coordinator, Wellness coach and Lic. Brain Gym trainer.  She helps organisations develop, implement and sustain workplace wellness strategies that work to increase health, wellness, productivity and mental resilience in your workplace.

“Happy Healthy employees equals a healthy productive organisation”

For more information phone Enza Lyons on 0413 697 692 or email your enquiry or make an appointment...

Qualification details

Certified Wellness Coach, Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant B.G.A., Registered Kinesiologist A.K.A., A.T.M.S., Education Support teacher, Community Support, Rhythmic Movement Training, Workplace Wellness Wise practitioner experienced in Stress and Pain Management, Whole Brain Learning, Child Development, Posture and Movement.