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Ernest Frost NLP Coaching and massage

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Ernest Frost Coaching
Address 24 Doris ST
North Perth WA 6006
Servicing Areas Perth, Western Australia
Mobile 0415 884 742

Massage, Hypnosis, NLP, EMDR and Trauma Councelling. I have developed my own special techniques over the years to help clients overcoming any obstacles in their lives which prevents them from living their lives to the fullest. Also coach in Afrikaans when requested. Certified NLP and Hypnosis Trainings available on request.
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Ernest Frost Coaching

Welcome to
Ernest Frost Coaching

Change your mind and change your life...

Hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, Time Line Practitioner. Silver and gold I don't have, but what I have I will give. I am good healer, have a open and caring heart, am well trained in all my specialties and you are in safe hands. What more can you ask for? I also specialize in Auto-immune conditions.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

What is NLP and what can it do for me?

NLP has been defined in many different ways and a Google search will bring up thousands of entries. I'd like to share with everyone my definition of NLP. You see... at some time in your life, you probably bought a car or some piece of equipment that was complex enough for the manufacturer to give you a manual to help you understand how to operate it. Some of us read the manual, some don't.

Well, now, here you are, today in this lifetime. Having been born into this beautiful body with your amazing brain and nervous system, and no one handed you a manual of how it works!

To me NLP is the manual (the understanding) of how you work.

At its heart, NLP is only a process of modeling. NLP will look at any problem with the question: How do you do it? (the depression, the anxiety, the feeling of being stuck, etc.) Once you can understand the structure of the problem (how it is made up and what it is made of) you can begin changing the structure and the old problem will begin to change, and disappear. There are NLP models of therapy, sales, target shooting... whatever. NLP itself is simply a process of modeling yourself - uncovering how you do what you do. And you can be the best of who you really are.

Steve Andreas writes this amazing definition: "First there was psychoanalysis, analyzing the mind. Then there was psychotherapy, in which one person treats or "therapizes" another. NLP can also be used in this way, but primarily NLP is about psychoeducation, teaching someone how to use their mind, so that people can use it with themselves, as more of a personal practice, rather than a therapy.

About Us

Change your mind, and change your life...

I am a qualified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, Trainer and Eriksonian Hypnotherapist and have a passion for my work, helping people to find and rediscover their inner power. Memories I have since I was a little boy are of me helping other children in the neighbourhood, making them feel better, consoling them after a hiding (those were still the years of hidings) and even doing 'operations' for aches and pains. After school I started off with a medical career (those years you either become a doctor or an attorney) but then my mother died of cancer. Every possible treatment failed. In a time of grief and shock I left the medical field and I started over with education and ended up teaching Dutch poetry at University level. After 5 years of giving my heart and soul to the students another shock came in the form of unrest and violence on the campus which resulted in my car being set alight. I remember that day looking from my office window almost in a trance, not believing what was happening. It was the gentle voice of my student assistant bringing me back to reality and saving me from the campus.

The next 15 years took me into the world of antiques, a fascinating and beautiful world. Working with beauty and history, it took me on a wonderful journey, exploring every possible aspect of this magical world. From a remote Karoo farm in the South African Karoo to castles in Romania and Hungary. With broken down delivery trucks on highways and carrying furniture (weighing tons) up hills to houses at the top, I sometimes wished that a helping spirit will come and save me. My wish came true (much to my horror) when strange things begin to happen in the shop. Slamming doors, clocks flying through midair - it was also my first contact with real 'spirits' (ghosts) and it took quite a few 'spiritual' friends to help the spirits move on (and out of the shop) again.

It was on an isolated beach somewhere on the Mozambique coast where I got 'the call'. For some time I was feeling a growing emptiness, a feeling of a cycle which has come to an end. Some time before this I did a Mankind project course where a wise looking old man stared at me over a candle and asked: "Who do you serve"? For the first time in my life the usual and easy answer did not seem 'to fit' anymore. I just stared back at him with a dry throat. On that day on the beach, the wind blew a magazine over the sand and I caught it. It fell open on a article about NLP and it was like I saw a door opened. And so my next journey began, a world so much more gripping than I have ever known before.

Come and join me on this journey during a very significant time on Mother Earth. Let us all discover and remember who we really are!


  • D-Litt
  • NLP Trainer - ABNLP and ABH
  • Hypnotherapist - SAMHA, GMTI

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Connective Tissue Massage, Corporate Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hypnotherapist, Mobile Service Massage, NLP, Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Thai Massage, Time Line Therapy