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Acupuncture & Massage

EsoLab South Melbourne - Body

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Re-energising the body, mind and spirit.

Acupuncture is an ancient therapy used originally for pain relief. Very fine needles are inserted into energy points along the meridians of the body. Imbalances occur in the body when when energy is blocked. Blockages stored in the body for a long time can give rise to disease of the organs.
Acupunture helps to unblock this stuck energy and restore harmony to body, mind and spirit. The Acupuncture points are chosen according to a pulse and tongue diagnosis. A prescription of points is made up after a thorough history is taken. During the consultation dietary habits, exercise, mental health and energy levels are discussed.


Massage don't know how much you've missed it until you have it.

Advanced Rehabilitation, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy could possibly be argued as the oldest healing technique on the planet. When a muscle aches, whats the first thing to do? Rub it!

Massage can assist with a number of common conditions and injuries including:
  • Musculoskeletal pain management
  • Sports Injury and recovery
  • Post surgery recovery and pain management
  • Oedema/swelling
  • Stress management.
  • Tension headaches and
  • Upper and lower back pain.
Advanced Rehabilitation Massage is a variety of deep tissue massage techniques based on correcting postural abnormalities. Christopher assess's posture, range of movement in joints, muscles and spine and then structures his treatments to give positive long lasting results. A specific exercise program tailored to each individual, will be given to strengthen posture and to prevent further injury and pain.

Lymphatic drainage massage is a very gentle ,painless and non invasive therapy which supports and enhances the body's natural lymphatic processes.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage can assist in conditions where immunity is weak. Digestive issues such as IBS, bloating and constipation.

It can also help drain excess fluid from soft tissue and helps to hasten recovery after surgery or injury.
Therapeutic Massage is a lovely way to relax and wind down whilst still feeling your muscles have had the stress worked out of them.

Advanced Rehabilitation involves specific assessment and testing to accurately diagnose injury or dysfunction that may be causing pain.

After the assessment and a diagnosis has been made, a specialised training and treatment program will be individually designed to decrease pain, improve function and avoid re-injury.
Various techniques of treatment are used in a session involving myofascial release, trigger point therapy, dry needling and neuromuscular facilitation methods. Rehabilitation through muscle release massage and strengthening exercise.

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