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Kahuna Bodywork and Hawaiian Massage and Aromatouch Massage are offered separately or in packages in Kangaroo Valley in "In Essentia" the Healing Hut.

Essence Within - Kahuna Bodywork & Hawaiian Massage

Kahuna Bodywork

Kahuna Bodywork is a kind of massage that works like a repatterning process of the mind, body and spirit that provides the client an opportunity to rebalance themselves physically and mentally and transform old non-contributing patterns within their bodies. Benefits of Kahuna Bodywork include relief from muscular tension and stress and helping the energy to flow freely throughout the body to help the major systems such as lymphatic and circulatory systems. Hypno-Kahuna Bodywork is the combination of Hypnotherapy and Kahuna Bodywork to help with the body-mind connection by achieving deep relaxation.

AromaTouch Massage

The AromaTouch® technique us a soft style of massage performed with specially selected relaxing and soothing techniques on the clients feet and back, utilising a range of high-quality 100% Essential Oils to deeply relax and build immunity. AromaTouch combined with Kahuna Bodywork is an incredibly beneficial treatment that facilitates deep relaxation and improves overall immunity.

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Pamper yourself to a deeply relaxing session of Kahuna Bodywork and/or Aromatherapy massage and align your body, mind and spirit with an Energy Balancing and take home exercsies/booklet to continue your daily routine.  "Let go" of outdated beliefs and re-align with a 3 hour Healing session with the use of a number of modalities such as Transformational Hypnotherapy and NLP, followed by a relaxing massage.  Stay over night in a tranquil bush setting after a transformational session in "In Essentia" studio or "Avem Haven" Tiny House on our beautiful property in Kangaroo Valley.

Essence Within - Hypnotherapy

Choose your thoughts carefully. Change your thinking and your behaviour with Hypnotherapy, it will change your life!

Essence Within - Life Coaching

It is never too late to change your thinking from negative and unhappy to happy and a more positive attitude towards life in every aspect. 

Essence Within - NLP

Do you have a customer based business? Do you believe customer service is an important part of your business? Do you believe that any of your staff or colleagues could do with better communication skills or have a more positive attitude? Is there any conflict in your office between colleagues?

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