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The Art of Creative Living - Coaching & Mentoring

Suzanne McGillivray

Carlingford NSW 2118

The Art of Creative Living - Coaching & Mentoring

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Coaching & Mentoring


Many people ask what the difference between counselling and coaching is, the answer is that coaching concentrates on the present and future, as opposed to the past. Coaching is about accessing possibilities and potentialities, then moving through obstacles or blocks. Coaching will help you to achieve specific goals through actions and developing positive behaviours.

Business Coaching

Business or corporate coaching is a branch of life coaching that caters to the needs of sole proprietors, small businesses, micro businesses, medium and large businesses or organisations. Sometimes the owners, directors or leaders of a business may want clarity, direction or skills development, or there may be a need for a small group of salespersons, executives or office staff to up-skill or get direction, focus or guidance on issues affecting the company. The benefits of business coaching include improved policies, business growth, and improved morale.


Mentoring is an ongoing relationship where there is a commitment to growth from both of you, the Mentor and the Mentee.

It is a relationship that is free of power, it is a two-way mutually beneficial learning situation in which the mentor:

  • Provides advice

  • Teaches using a low pressure, self-discovery approach

  • Helps you to achieve your specific business outcomes

  • Shares their knowledge and experiences

  • Assists you to know yourself, who you are and what you want to achieve

  • Helps you develop connections and relationships that will be beneficial to you


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