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Eternal Wellbeing

Eternal Wellbeing

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Eternal Wellbeing Canberra is your total body and skin wellness solution for cellulite reduction, fat reduction, body sculpting and contouring, and anti-ageing for the face and body. 

Eternal Wellbeing

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Welcome to Eternal Wellbeing

We merge world leading technologies that are a natural blend of non-invasive, highly effective treatment solutions and a holistic and natural lifestyle approach to enhance your health and wellbeing and help you achieve your best body inside and out. 

Our technologies include Endermologie body and face treatments including Endermolift Facials and targeted Lipomassage Treatments. We also have Solocarbon Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Treatments with custom programs for weight loss, detoxification, relaxation, pain relief and skin rejuvenation. Finally we have IPL Skin Treatments for skin tightening, to reduce wrinkles, and promote natural collagen production. 

We work in partnership with you and it is our goal to inspire, support, guide and encourage you on your journey to achieve Eternal Wellbeing so that you can realise your body's true potential and increase your self-confidence and energy. As your body changes we continually assess, monitor and progressively adjust your treatments as your body changes in order to achieve the best possible results. Often making these personal transformations leads our clients to take brave and bold steps in other areas of their lives and we love being a part of their change journey. 

About Us

Julie Moon-Nguyen

EndermoTherapist & Lifestyle, Food & Wellness Coach

In 2007 I stepped out on my own to build my own business and bring my vision of wellbeing to life. In 2016 Terese Richardson merged with Eternal Wellbeing to help facilitate even greater changes for clients with her integrative and holistic approach. She is a skilled and intuitive therapist and together we go on a journey with our clients to help them change their lives and transform their bodies. 

I am proud to be the longest practicing and most experienced Endermologie Therapist in Canberra offering women world leading natural and non-invasive skin and body treatment solutions. Results are our goal and so we only have the latest generation equipment, software, and protocols for the most advanced treatments. This means faster and better results compared with previous generation equipment. 

Our products and services are of a high quality and standard, and from reputable suppliers that are backed by science and clinical studies. They also compliment and enhance each other so that you can improve your health and wellbeing and so we can provide a tailored solution.

Our products and services aim to boost your immune system, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, reduce fat and toxins and firm and tone the skin. You can look your best naturally, improve your self confidence, increase your energy and achieve Eternal Wellbeing.


Endermologie is a 100% natural skin treatment and is based on Mechano-Stimulation: Mechanical stimulation on the surface of the skin sends a signal deep down to the fat cells and fibroblast cells. This provokes a physiological response including the activation of collagen and elastin, and lipolysis, better known as fat burning. French researchers have found that this technique results in a 70% improvement in the body's ability to naturally break up and release stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise.

The Benefits:

  • An increase in blood and lymphatic circulation to remove toxins, improve skin tone and firmness, and reduce fluid retention.

  • The release and removal of fat to improve cellulite, sculpt the body and reduce stubborn fat deposits that resist diet and exercise.

  • An increase in collagen and elastin production to firm and tone sagging skin.

  • Cost effective as it treats the whole body and skin as one, unlike other vacuum-like technologies and more invasive treatments that only spot treat and charge per area. Endermologie is total body and skin wellness from the inside out. 

Endermologie has a worldwide presence in more than 110 countries. Developed almost 30 years ago, LPG is the world leader in cellular stimulation with the Cellu M6 and its exclusive and patented 100% natural fat loss, anti-ageing and anti-cellulite treatment. Over 100,000 women reap the benefits of Endermologie each and every day.

IPL Collagen Stimulation

This Intense Pulsed Light technology is patented worldwide and was developed by French company E-Swin who are the #1 manufacturer of medical IPL technologies, and we are proud to offer these treatments exclusively at Eternal Wellbeing in Canberra.

The Benefits 

  • Improve and restore skin elasticity.

  • Increase hyaluronic acid to plump the skin naturally where aging causes skin to thin.

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles significantly around eyes and mouth, on the forehead, face, chest and hands.

  • Achieve glowing skin, a more even skin tone and clear complexion. 

  • Tighten and firm sagging skin on the face, neck and hands.

This skin rejuvenation treatment has a virtual lack of sensation, is gentle on the skin, painless, non-invasive and suitable for the majority of skin types including fair, olive, asian and tanned skin.

Le Modeling Bloomea®

is a 3-step complete skincare system designed by French esthetic surgeons and developed over 10 years ago. Le Modeling Bloomea® is the next generation in microdermabrasion and is a painless, efficient and safe treatment based on the M.M.L trio technology, that is Macro-exfoliation, Microvibrations and Light therapy. This treatment is available exclusively at Eternal Wellbeing and it can used as a stand alone treatment or combined with our natural treatments to accelerate results even further.

Infrared Sauna

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna. Medical-Grade. Clinically-Backed. Non-Toxic. Eco-Certified.

Sunlighten's patented Solocarbon® Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas are the only Infrared technology on the market clinically shown to raise core temperature, lower blood pressure and aid in weight loss. 

A Sunlighten Sauna combines Near, Mid and Far Infrared wavelengths allowing greater choice in health benefits and the ability choose your custom program including:

  • Weight Loss

  • Detoxification

  • Skin Health & Anti-Ageing

  • Cardio Health

  • Relaxation

  • Pain Relief

Health Benefits

  • Reduce Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

  • Improve Circulation

  • Reduce Fluid Retention

  • Skin Rejuvenation

  • Cell Health & Immunity

  • Stress Reduction

Colour Therapy

You can also enjoy the healing benefits of Chromotherapy (also known as colour therapy) during your session. Chromotherapy is the science of using colours to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. Colour therapy works on various energy points to help our bodies re-establish its natural balance. 

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