Ethereal Alchemy

Andrew Grieve

Gold Coast QLD 4214

Servicing area: Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tweed Shire

Ethereal Alchemy

Experience a profound frequency healing or attend a workshop to empower yourself.

Andrew is a certified Transference Healing&reg Practitioner & Teacher.

'Rediscover your true spiritual nature, receive in-depth healing and reach for the stars with this Ascension & Lightbody technology modality.'

About Ethereal Alchemy

About Andrew

Andrew has been practising Transference Healing&reg for over 7 years and has been interested in healing and meditation for over 15 years, having learnt various healing modalities during that time. He now exclusively practises Transference Healing&reg, after recognising the profound results it can create in ones life and reality.

Whether you are looking to create more overall wellness in your life, or have specific symptoms (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) that you wish to work with, Andrew can expertly guide you through a process of self healing.

Any symptoms or any dis-ease can be effectively worked with through Transference Healing&reg. Of course, true healing is a divine process, and the only limit to true healing is our own consciousness and willingness to surrender and change.

Qualification Details
Transference Healing® accredited Practitioner & Teacher since 2012
Transference Healing® Mystery School Level 2 Graduate

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Transference Healing Fundamental Training Apr 2017

Ethereal Alchemy
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Reach For the Stars
Transference Healing
Dec 2012