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Rediscover your true spiritual nature, receive in-depth healing and reach for the stars with this Ascension & Lightbody technology modality.

Registered & Certified Transference Healing Practitioner & Teacher

About Andrew 

Andrew has been a certified Transference Healing Practitioner for over 10 years, and beyond that, practised other healing modalities since 2002. Andrew is a modern alchemist who can support you to heal at a core level, and awaken newfound levels of clarity, emotional balance, wellness and spiritual empowerment.

His passion is to support others in awakening their true potential, feeling and embodying a higher state of consciousness and reality here on Earth and awakening spirituality so that they can embody their gifts and talents.

Whether you want to develop greater well-being in your life or have certain symptoms (physical, psychological, mental and spiritual) that you would like to work through and clear... these can be dealt with effectively through Transference Healing sessions.

It was through the numerous trainings, healings and meditation activities that Andrew came to feel the profound beauty and benevolence of the Universe and Nature. To restore the emotions, to liberate the heart and mind. Expanding in the heart and feeling the wonder and joy of life again. 

Words cannot describe this reconnection, it is something that you experience and recognise in your heart when you sense the Truth of life and the inherent goodness of the Universe at your core. 

Transference Healing is a spiritual reconnection process, and the only barriers to true healing are our mind and the ability to stay open to change. 

About Ethereal Alchemy 

Ethereal Alchemy has been created to support you on your path of healing and your spiritual growth.

Do you wish to reconnect with the reality of who you are and live in a state of joy and higher realities while embodying your spirituality here on Earth?

Learn how through these lost teachings of the Goddess, you can create more love, empathy, balance and wisdom into your life. It is time to unite the feminine and masculine aspects within all of humanity, and this is the key to healing and ascesion. 

Transference Healing promotes deep healing, insight, heart-based consciousness & connection in favour of everyone attracted to its divine frequencies. If you read this today, and these words resonate in your heart, then know you are in the right place to be supported. 

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Qualification details

Accredited Transference Healing Practitioner & Teacher,
Level 3 Transference Healing Mystery School Graduate

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Transference Healing Fundamental Training Apr 2017

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