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Ethereal Alchemy

Andrew Grieve

Gold Coast QLD 4214

Servicing area: Gold Coast, Brisbane & Tweed Shire

Ethereal Alchemy

Gift yourself powerful tools of healing and spiritual awakening through the pure lineage of Transference Healing.

Participating in any workshop will fast-track your healing and help to embody spiritual gifts and talents that will support you to create the life of your dreams.

Transference Healing Workshops & Training

Participating in a workshop is a great way to begin your own journey of self-healing and spiritual empowerment. Whether you are new to healing or have previously studied other forms of healing, Transference Healing is for anyone wanting to create greater levels of wellness within their being and accelerate their spiritual growth.

3-Day Fundamental Training 

“Become an Energy Healer & Spiritual Lightworker of the Future”

Anybody can learn Transference Healing. Be initiated into the Transference Healing Diamond Pyramid of Light™ as you receive a life-changing, profound and energetic template and set of tools that will create profound change and growth. You will learn how to perform a Transference Healing session to run on yourself and loved ones, while also understanding the immense wisdom and spiritual principles behind each procedure. 

You are taking the first step toward self-mastery as you commit to this self-healing journey. By running this high-frequency modality on yourself, your body and consciousness will shift in frequency as you embody 'Light' and return to a state of oneness on all levels. Through this training you learn powerful tools of self-healing and self-mastery and begin to directly participate in your ascension process.

Beyond Doorways Workshops 

Beyond Doorways Level 1 is a one day workshop where you learn how to channel the Transference Healing frequencies to break down patterning that creates limitation, and empower yourself by learning powerful spiritual & healing procedures.

This workshop allows you to learn potent healing procedures that support healing, emotional balance, staying grounded and awakening latent spiritual gifts.

Learn how to lift and clear genetic weakness, past life wounding, protect your energy field and balance specific chakras to maintain health and inner harmony plus so much more.


  • Workshop manual 
  • Full colour template 
  • The Beyond Doorways Lightbody Kit of 15 x vibrational essences

Note: Level 1 must be completed before going attending Level 2

Beyond Doorways Level 2 helps you to understand and work with the knowledge and teachings of Mystery Schools. It uses Lightbody technology including crystal skulls, gridding and templating practises, as well as the Lemurian and Atlantean practices.

At this lhis level we explore crystal and light technology and appeals more to those who wish to learn more about Mystery School and crystal wand technology.

It works with specific chapters from The Beyond Doorways: The Mysteries Revealed Book, by Alexis Cartwright.


  • Workshop manual
  • 2  clear quartz wands
  • Lemurian timeline wand
  • Small crystal skull
  • A crystal stargate griddking kit, including 1 x full colour template, 9 x gridding crystals, 2 x platonic solid crystals and a herkimer diamond, all presented in a beautiful velvet workshop bag. 

Note: Gridding crystals are only available to those who attend the workshop. 

Other workshops available that you can choose from: 

  • Animal Magic
  • Child of Light
  • Dragon Power 

To find out more about these other workshops, visit my website

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