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Ethereal Harmonisation

Aurore Payge

Hobart TAS 7000

Servicing area: Based in Lauderdale and servicing the Greater Hobart Area

Ethereal Harmonisation

What is Ethereal Harmonisation..?

A space and a place of warm and loving vibrancy, a practice which cannot be taught or learned, it is simply Pure Source Intelligence at play!

Ethereal Harmonisation Services


Think of it as an intuitive energetic treatment designed exactly and only for you by Source Energy. At times light physical touch is applied, although most work is done in the auric field around the physical body. 

Sessions are in person for residents of the Greater Hobart Area or facilitated online via phone or skype.

Actual Harmonisation time generally runs anywhere between forty minutes and one and half hours depending on the individual.

Sessions are charged at a flat rate 💜

Kundalini Flow

Guided purely by Source Energy, created as an ever-expanding expression and archival space for Aurore to record her experiences of Divine Kundalini Flow.

The first Series comprises of 100 videos to observe any changes in technique and also whether the energy of song choice, and chooser, has any influence.

As an experimental space with all movements intuitively guided, Rori will endeavour to offer a varied selection of videos, some of which may evoke internal response.

By viewing each video of choice wholly and completely focused on the music and movement, may these mini meditations invite energetic connection and activation within your own being.

You are warmly invited to request your favourite song!



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