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Ethereal Holistic Massage

About Me

As a remedial massage therapist, I find there is nothing more rewarding, than to see improvement in clients, whether this be physically or emotionally.

With the use of Massage or Reiki energies I tailor each person’s appointment to their individual needs.

With the assistance of a pendulum for the Chakras, a Tibetan Singing Bowl for sound and Vibration in the body with music appropriate to the massage, not to forget, stretching set to assist in the muscle recovery.

The benefits of relaxing massage to a deeper Sports massage (Cross fibre Trigger point), can be combined as we all have different needs.


Remedial Sports Massage 
$90 per hour 

A variation of pressures on the muscles, enoucarging movement within the skeletal system, to stretch and alleviate restriction and tightness, to enourage the release of the tightness in muscles. 

Therapeutic Massage
$90 per hour

A therapy incorporated with a treatment plan to assist with injuries, to enable better flexibility and loosening of muscles and assists with wound care.

Reiki 1 and 2 - Usui System
$90 per hour 

Reiki Energy is powerful while being gentle, enables the body to achieve peace of mind and pain relief. Reiki is a non-evasive treatment while being fully clothed. 

Relaxation Massage
$90 per hour

Designed to promote calming and relieve muscle tension, with a light to medium pressure Working with the emotions to relax and de-stress the Mind and body

Chinese Cupping
$90 per hour

With the use of Glass cups and a vacuum within, the suction created will lift the skin and muscle and assist in releasing tightness. These can be used statically or incorporated with oil as a glide

$90 per hour

This originated from Reflex points on the feet relating and affecting other parts of the body. These points can be found also in the hands, ears, face and ears.

Pregnancy Massage
$90 per hour

This gentle massage is designed to ease tension, relax muscles and improve circulation, while using a blend of Essential Oils that are safe and gentle to be used during pregnancy.

We have Eftpos Facilities.

Health Rebates apply. (Check with your provider to see your level of cover).

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Qualification details

Diploma of Remedial Massage
Reiki 1 & 2

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Ethereal Holistic Massage