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Reiki Massage Practitioner

Ethereal Touch Massage

Focus areas

Fatigue Energy Inflammation Scar tissue Adhesions Stiffness


My main aim apart from massage & Reiki as individual modalities is combining the two together, I would like people to know that they can combine the benefits of massage (Physical) & Reiki ( mental & spiritual ) together. Most people know and understand the benefits of these individually but now have the opportunity to combine the two modalities together to create a greater sense of peace and wellbeing.

Benefits of Massage


Massage increases & maintains joint mobility, helps to release restrictions in the facia, frees adhesions & breaks down
scar tissue, decreases inflammation & improves muscle tone & balance, helps to alleviate the stresses we put on our bones & joints.


Massage helps to rid the body of built up toxins & waste products from muscle tissue. Increases circulation bringing about more oxygen & nutrients into the muscle, reduces muscle fatigue & soreness. It helps in muscle stiffness, restrictions, & spasms in muscle tissue.


Massage helps in assisting venous blood flow back to the heart, increases blood flow, aids in reducing blood pressure, the removal  of toxins & carbon monoxide, helps in dilating blood vessels so the work more efficiently. Massage helps in the delivery of fresh oxygen & nutrients to the whole body system.


Reiki is described as Life Force or Vital Force. Reiki healing channels a form of energy that cannot be seen or felt but is the essence of all living things. Reiki healing is without the use of medicines or remedies, healing occurs solely through the use of energy.

Reiki healing has the potential to access disturbances on all levels of our being – mental, emotional, physical & spiritual. Working on these imbalances immediately lightens your whole mental & physical system. Blocked & negative energies are released & this brings clarity on a mental level creating a sense of well being. Reiki is a form of mental & spiritual massage.

Mobile Massage & Reiki gives people the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of these in the comfort of their own home. Many people are not able to travel for treatment for different reasons so this gives them the benefit of being treated in their own home without the stresses of driving or the use of public transport.

With every Massage/Reiki treatment combined, I am offering a free 10 minute head/scalp or foot massage.


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5 Services

Ethereal Touch Massage & Reiki

Swedish/Relaxation Massage
$60 Per hour

Ethereal Touch Massage & Reiki

Remedial Massage
$60 Per hour

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