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Etheric Self
Pregnancy Massage Specialist and Registered Nurturelife Practitioner. High and Low Risk Care. Labour Support and Partner Training.

Etheric Self Remedial Massage

Pregnancy Massage. Remedial Massage. Reflexology. Aromatherapy. Reiki Energy Healing.

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While studying for her remedial massage qualification in 2012, Jackie fell in love with pregnancy massage. Two years later in July 2014 she was able to undertake specialist pregnancy massage training with Pregnancy Massage Australia in Melbourne. Catherine McInerney, the founder of PMA, teaches an intensive 5 day course that covers everything there is to know about massage for both high and low risk pregnancy. After completing three case studies with her training, Jackie qualified as a Nurturelife Practitioner and has been registered as such that time. PMA provides the most comprehensive training for pregnancy massage available in Australia, as well as a fantastic support network for its therapists.

Jackie says "Studying pregnancy massage has given me such a deeper understanding of anatomy, physiology and the mind/body connection. I love being able to help each woman through this amazing experience. Whether she has pain, nausea, swelling of the ankles or just needs the time out and deeper connection to her baby, it is my honour to facilitate this process".

Massage through pregnancy with a suitably qualified specialist can have an immediate positive impact on one's quality of life. Massage is a fantastic tool that can effect significant pain reduction, improved physical movement, reduction of swelling, an increase in energy, increase in appetite/reduced nausea and an increased physical awareness and deeper connection between baby and mum. With specific techniques catering to the needs of soon to be mums, pregnancy massage can turn a stressful pregnancy into a joyous experience once again.

Aromatherapy plays a big part in all pregnancy appointments. Essential oils can be used to relieve a multitude of pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, swelling, fatigue, muscular cramps as well as pain relief during labour. Each session will see different oils used, depending on the clients specific needs that day. Organic oils are used wherever possible.

Women's health has become a passionate calling for Jackie over the last few years. During her own pregnancy in 2015, Jackie started researching different birth stories from a variety of cultures and philosophies. She began networking with other women to build a fantastic support group of doulas, hypnobirthing practitioners, midwives and counsellors for her clients. Providing a safe space in which to empower her clients, to provide them with a relaxing and rejuvenating massage, is of the utmost importance for Jackie. "Being able to empower my clients, to remind them of the power, strength and healing capabilities of their own bodies is central to everything I do at Etheric Self."

Postpartum massage can be amazingly healing for a new mum. Massage can help to reset the body and ease any tension as a result of the birth itself or due to the demands of breastfeeding. We encourage all new mums to return to our quiet massage space within a few days of birth if they are feeling up to it. New babies are obviously very welcome! Some mums prefer to wait a few weeks and that is ok too. Everyone will feel different after birthing their precious baby.

Birth partner support training is offered twice yearly. Labour support is available upon enquiry.

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  • 75 mins = $105
  • 100 mins = $150


Package One:
  • 2 pregnancy massages
  • 1 labour preparation massage
  • 1 postnatal massage
  • $476 (saving of $84)

Package Two:
  • 4 pregnancy massages
  • 1 labour preparation massage
  • 1 postnatal massage
  • $714 (saving of $126)

All sessions of 100 mins duration & paid in full before second session.

First appointment includes a thorough interview to discuss your health issues, any concerns you may have and specific treatment goals and possible outcomes. Please arrive five minutes early to allow for this.

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Diploma of Reflexology
  • Diploma of Pregnancy Massage (Pregnancy Massage Australia)
  • Certificate 4 Aromatherapy
  • Reiki Level 1 - Usiu Ryoho Method

Fully Insured
AAMT Member 28280
Health Fund Provider (with the exception of HCF and Medibank)
Please check with your health insurance provider for rebate terms and conditions specific to your fund.

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