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Servicing area: Upwey, Belgrave, Ferntree Gully, Kallista, Boronia, Knoxfield, Olinda, Tremont, The Patch, Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

Eva Scheer Massage Therapy
An experienced and highly qualified professional practitioner, offering customised treatments in many modalities to meet YOUR exact requirements.

About Eva ...


  • Relaxation Massage will assist in taking time out, to centre yourself and be at peace. Time to rest and relax, and if you need start afresh with a clearer head and relaxed body.

  • Deep Tissue work allows tight muscles to let go and be at ease. Can be a bit painful, but it's totally rejuvenating!

  • Traditional Thai Massage loosens up the joints, returning them to free mobility as they should be for optimum health.

  • Sports Massage helps with faster recovery from sports injuries. It can hurt a bit but one feels instinctively that properly applied pressure and strokes (and occasional bandaging) are the right thing to assist recovery.

  • Chiavetti is the part of Indian Ayurvedic practice where Marma points are stimulated and worked on to loosen up congestions. Deep work, but extremely beneficial.

  • Indian Head Massage is a transformative treatment: pressure points of the head, the neck, the face, and the top of the shoulders are worked. After such a treatment one almost can’t hold one’s head up; it wants to loll about because the neck is so totally relaxed!

  • Cupping and Gua Sha have been used in many parts of the ancient and modern world, most notably in China, and they are yet other successful modalities for increasing deep circulation and allowing tight muscles to become relaxed.

  • At the other end of the spectrum there are the very light modalities such as Reiki and Energetic Work, which affect us in rather subtle ways but sometimes with surprisingly profound results.

  • Ear Candling is an ancient American Indian way to clear one’s ears, and help slow down incessant thinking. After a light massage to the head, neck, face, jaws, and temples a special type of waxed tube – the ear candle – is lit and the other end is gently inserted into the ear opening. While receiving this treatment one just mellows out, listening to the gentle crackling of he candle as it burns shifting earwax and obsessive thoughts far away. Very relaxing.

  • Pregnancy Massage is so important for the expectant mum. Helps with hip and back pain, and with the ever growing belly. Gentle soothing massage with lots of oil to the belly may help avoid stretch marks. It is beneficial for the baby as well. A special body contour massage cushion is used, ensuring a completely comfortable position even up to the time of birth.

  • Having one’s feet and hands massaged can be a great way to unwind and feel pampered. These also helps with centering oneself and allowing worries to melt away.

About Eva

In order to pursue my passion to find ever newer and more effective ways to help people relax, I have travelled to countries such as India, Thailand, Turkey, and Bali to learn modalities where they originated.

I offer the modalities listed above and more, assessing each client every time they come for an appointment; and I tailor the treatment each time to whatever is needed on the given day, treating the presenting problem.

I am registered with many health funds, and am fully certified a Remedial Massage Therapist with AAMT.

* A 24-hour cancellation is necessary, otherwise a fee may apply if other bookings have had to be rejected.


I have received treatment from Éva for the last five years. I can honestly say that without it my quality of life would be greatly diminished. Éva's services include a wide variety of body therapies, and she always chooses the style and intensity appropriate for the visit, depending on how I'm feeling, what I need, and what lies ahead. I highly recommend Éva.



I had my first ever treatment with Éva Scheer when I was 15 years old. I was competing in Artistic Gymnastics at the time, and I came to her with some pretty painful injuries as a result of my training and competitions. I have now just recently celebrated my 40th Birthday, and I have continued to regularly seek treatment in all this time. 25 years I have been a continuous client of Éva Scheer.

Over this time, I have never thought twice about what type of treatment I will be receiving from her, as I have absolute trust in her assessment of what I am needing at any given treatment. Éva is a true professional, and has listened to my story, to assess appropriately, to ensure the correct treatment. No two massage treatments are ever the same.

Éva is a healer. The tools (her hands), and the healing energy that takes place in each treatment has continued to be a major part of my ongoing self-care and has been a major contributing factor in maintaining my physical, spiritual and mental health. I testify that Éva has a genuine connection when working with her clients, is always professional, and has a wealth of experience with her work.

Éva has travelled to some of the most renowned countries to master her art of massage and spiritual health. I have been very blessed and fortunate to have experienced Éva's new styles when she returns from her trips away to find more exciting techniques and many different styles of massage treatment. I leave each appointment with her a different person. Éva is a Warrior Masseuse, and I absolutely recommend her healing treatments.



I was recommended to Éva a few years ago…and how thankful I am. WOW what a fantastic relaxing experience I have each appointment I attend. I see her on a monthly basis to keep my whiplash injuries under control and to stay in a positive mode. Her positive energy is transferred through to clients by the many treatments she uses; she never fails to amaze me with her knowledge and expertise in so many different modalities.

Éva’s remedial massage therapies include Oriental, Thai and Deep Tissue massages, Cupping, Gua Sha, Ayurvedic Massage and Indian Head Massage.

Depending on how I present on the day, she always takes the time to assess me before the type of treatment is discussed.

Yes Éva is a masseur with a difference, she genuinely cares and gives as much time as her clients need in order to achieve the required results.
Her magic hands, knowledge and caring nature bring the results needed that often go beyond meeting the clients' expectations. I know this because several of my friends are her clients as well.

It gives me great pleasure to sing the praises of such a highly professional Masseur Ms Éva Scheer.

Annette West


Well what can I say? One word really. FABULOUS. Éva has been working on my 'mouse' shoulder for over 3 years. She has been the ONLY remedial masseur to give me the relief I need every few weeks. I have been seeing masseurs for over 15 years. She 'finds' where I need most work without me even telling her. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Michael from Kallista


* For WorkCover patients, doctors’ referrals will insure rebates *

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Qualification Details

  • Melbourne School of Tactile Therapies: Oriental and Remedial Massage 1985
  • RMIT: Certificate of Applied Sciences, (Remedial Massage) 1988
  • Reiki 1; 1990
  • College of Experiential Psychotherapy: Somatic Integration 1994
  • Chiang Mai (Thailand) and the Melbourne School of Traditional Thai Massage: Traditional Thai Massage and Cupping 1997
  • International Institute of Ayurved: Ayurvedic Massage 2006

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