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Eve Lowson - Reiki

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Eve Lowson
Address Merimbula 2549
Servicing Areas Lower Hunter area
Phone 02 6495 7341

Eve specialises in Reiki, offering Reiki treatment, Reiki training and Reiki groups.

Eve Lowson - Reiki

These days we all have stress and anxiety and consider it a part of everyday life.

Sometimes these emotions are compounded by sudden shock, or constant tension continues unabated and we reach a point where we can’t take any more and our body declines in health.

Reiki can help.

One of the simplest methods to reduce anxiety and stress is the use of Reiki.

When you give yourself ten minutes of Reiki each day or you have a Reiki treatment, you generally have a lovely feeling of relaxation and peace.

Also, you can feel revitalised, with a clear mind, ready to move forward.

Studies have shown that a combination of diet, exercise and stress reduction techniques can actually reverse come conditions. Stress reduction is far more important than physicians originally believed.
Reiki is a stress reduction technique.

Reiki training

Reiki is beautifully simple and easy to learn.

There are three levels:
  • Level 1 Experience Reiki, understand it, learn how to give Reiki to your self and other people. Become aware of a deep sense of peace within yourself.

  • Level 2 Enhance your Reiki with distance healing, expand your perceptions and understanding.

  • Level 3 or Reiki master is for those seeking a full commitment to Reiki practice.

Reiki Group

The Reiki share group is for practitioners and for those who want to experience Reiki for the first time.

Reiki treatment, training days and the groups are for you to enjoy and revitalise your health.
Your own healing abilities and knowledge are inside.

Find what more you can do for your own health and the health of other people.

About Eve

I have a background in nursing and came into Reiki by chance.

After attending a Reiki 1 class, of which I was sceptical but mystified, I attended the Reiki 2 class. Then I practised, and in giving Reiki had some amazing responses to people’s health. I feel the benefits to you and our families from Reiki can be amazing. Take the opportunity to experience Reiki and learn it when you feel ready. You will love it.

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