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Herbal Medicine, Massage, Nutrition planning including weight loss, Individualised Stop Smoking Plan, Ear Candling, Magnetic Therapy for pain, Therapeutic Facial, Cancer support. Evelyn will look at treating the causes of ill health, allowing your body to heal.

Herbal Helpers Naturopathy

Servicing area

Craigieburn, Roxburgh Park, Campbellfield, Coburg, Greensborough, Sunbury, Thornbury, Wallan, Melbourne

Focus areas

Indigestion Sports performance Health assessment Sinus Bloating Plant medicine


Plant medicine has been used for thousands of years to relieve human illness. Combined with modern research of plants and their effects, herbal medicine is a wise choice to promote healing.

At an initial consultation a thorough history is taken and general health assessment check. (Usually takes one hour) A treatment plan is established with individual aims and purposes. Follow up visits involve assessment of progress against the treatment plan as needed.

Treatments include: tinctures, ointments, glycertracts, teas and tablets.

Herbal medicine is useful for babies illness, women's issues, sportspeople, lack of energy, getting rid of nagging health issues.

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In our fast paced lifestyles, dietary intake is sometimes focused on what is quickest to make and eat. This can lead to an unbalanced diet, creating digestive troubles if not planned , and bring on the symptoms of indigestion, weight gain, bloating, and iron, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 

Let me offer you an answer. To maintain or return to health, we can use foods as our medicine for a sure way to boost immunity, everyday function and sports performance, and help overcome medical problems.

A first appointment takes 1 hour and includes a complete medical history and lifestyle assessment. A plan is prepared, just for you, to ensure good outcomes. Aims of treatment, and strategies on how to reach your goals for health, fitness, and life balance are provided. 


10 week program including individual professional advice (not group sessions)and support in your choice to become a non-smoker, including a one hour massage. This great 'BUTT OUT' stop smoking clinic really works...even if you have tried everything. I will work with complicated medical conditions as well. Happy to work with your own doctor; - why not call the clinic for a free flier with further information.


Why a ten week clinic? - It takes 8 - 12 weeks to shut down nicotine receptors in the brain and 'switch off' the impulses.

Why not join a group? or buy something over the counter?

Groups and over the counter products are not tailor made especially for you. Every smoker is different... You smoke for different reasons to others...so an individualised approach is the most successful. So come on...Stop wasting your health and hard earned money for extra taxes and to line the pockets of 'fat cat' investors in tobacco companies. Call today for expert help on 0422 653 063

COST $390 for initial 10 week programme. That's only $39 per week.


Ear Candling is useful to balance problems with sinusitis, headaches and blocked ears; it also provides relaxation.

Evelyn combines ear candling with magnetic and far infra-red therapy, provided by a specialized mattress and sleep system. This system of energetics supports your treatment, and leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

The first appointment is combined with a full health consultation so as to gain an insight into your overall health.


Evelyn uses all natural products to cleanse and refresh your skin and then provide individualised skin treatment and facial massage.

This wonderful rejuvenating process requires one hour of your time to relax and let your skin come alive.

A Therapeutic Facial involves 7 – 10 steps, depending on your skin type and condition. It is recommended for (but not limited to) skin that needs a boost or has blemishes; skin with dry, red areas; skin which is prone to premature wrinkling; and skin that has excess oil, open pores & blackheads or acne.

As well as your facial, Evelyn can recommend ongoing advice for your food plan and overall health to ensure your skin returns to a fresher condition and stays that way.


For relaxation massage - clothed
For pain relief
Relief of daily aches - great for sore legs and aching back.

Why not call for a free demonstration? For those who work on their feet all day this could prolong your working life without the pain. Great results for nurses, operating theatre staff, shop assistants, mechanics.If you suffer from arthritis this could be the answer for you. 6 MONTHS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for all insoles. Call 0422 653 063 to enquire

Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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