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Dry Needling pulse diagnostic and treatment

Unique in Australia Pulse diagnostic based on 5000 years of dry needling history is a direct method that can read your body hidden language and reveals preclinical diseases or problems from the past affecting you now. Please do not hesitate to try 15 min free appointment to check your health with pulse diagnostic and see advantages and program of treatment

Pulse diagnosis is a certain indication of preclinical disease. A little consideration will show that before a disease develops with physical signs and objective findings, there will be, for months or years beforehand, some physiological disturbance that is too slight to cause overt symptoms. But even at this stage, the pulse registers a definite abnormality.

A practitioner skilled in its practice would-without ever speaking to or seeing the face or body of his patient and with no more contact than a hand to radial artery of the wrist- be able to arrive at a reliable diagnosis in a matter of minutes.

Dry Needling Treatment
Initial Consultation with advanced Pulse Diagnosis - $98
Follow up treatment - $68

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