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Simon is a qualified remedial massage therapist, offering a clinic based and mobile service Claim your first 60 mins treatment for $60! Whatever your issue, we will work together to find a natural, effective and long lasting solution...let the change begin! Postural analysis, Myo-fascial release, Trigger point therapy, Relaxation/Deep tissue Massage, Cupping, manual resistance techniques, sports injury management, Manual lymphatic drainage.

Every Body Matters

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Clinic in North Melbourne & Mobile to Greater Melbourne

Focus areas

Relaxation Pregnancy support Manual lymphatic drainage Stroke Stress management Nervous system

About Us

Everybody matters began because I am passionate about the positive effect remedial therapy can have on peoples lives and believe it to be more holistic than most other therapies.

Just over three years ago, I was involved in a motorbike accident which left me unable to walk upright for almost a year. Eventually after trying several other therapies, a remedial therapist was recommended to me. The results of these treatments are effective to this day.

It is due to this experience that I am a qualified remedial therapist today. I know first hand what a profound effect chronic pain can have on your life, and the importance of getting the right treatment for your needs in order to gain long lasting change.

Every body matters is a mobile remedial massage therapy service that covers Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

I offer a truly holistic treatment by using a wide array of techniques in my treatments. These include: postural analysis, manual resistance techniques, trigger point therapy, myo-fascial release, manual lymphatic drainage, deep tissue/Swedish massage, cupping, cryotherapy/heat-therapy and taping.

Treatment & Price List

Remedial therapy:
Using a combination of; health/activity history, postural analysis, manual therapy techniques and relevant exercises. An effective treatment plan will be agreed that will reduce specific pain, increase mobility and help re-gain balance in your body.

Deep Tissue massage:
A great way to relieve muscle tension, de-stress, relax and correct some of those postural imbalances all in one go!

A mixture of manual therapy techniques are used to affect deeper tissues, these include; trigger point therapy, myo-fascial release, muscle stripping and cupping...the list goes on!

Relaxation Massage:
This is a less intensive style of therapy, but can be very effective in its own right. Utilising Swedish massage techniques, meditative breathing and heat therapy to have a profound calming effect on your nervous system. This type of therapy can promote healing, assist with sleeping difficulties and generally help you escape from the world for a while!

Pregnancy massage:
There are many myths about when and how pregnancy massage should be performed. However, providing that relevant health history information is considered, massage therapy can be a very beneficial part of a woman's journey to child birth and beyond. The changing physiological requirements will be individually adjusted for every client.

Sports injury management:
Using the anylitical skills and treatment techniques from remedial therapy, a relevant treatment plan designed for your specific needs will cover; treating your injury in its acute stages, the recovery stages, and give specific exercises to optimise soft tissue performance and reduce likelihood of injury in the future. *Pre/post performance massage is also available*

Manual Lymphatic Drainage:
The lymphatic system is (amongst other things) the body's filtration system, returning lost fluid from around your body back into your bloodstream, and sometimes it needs a little help. This can especially be true if you are recovering from an injury and/or are on your feet all day. It is also found to be very relaxing due to the slow rhythmic strokes used as part of its technique.

90 mins - $120

60 mins - $85

45 mins - $65

30 mins - $45

(All prices are inclusive of GST & every body matters is registered as a Health Fund and Work Safe provider)

*Discount package deals are available, please ask for more details*

Every body matters offers businesses an on-site massage therapy package, this includes: i) A group presentation highlighting the reasons for pain caused by everyday work practices (and what we can do about it) ii) postural analysis and treatment for all relevant parties iii) Relevant exercise program specially designed for each employee. Phone 0410 808 617 now and ask Simon for more details and prices.

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