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Evie Intuitive Instructor & Therapist

Servicing area: Bray Park to Bribie. Venues Nationally

Pain management Joy Life purpose ...
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You are the Journey.

How may I be of Assistance?

Don't let another day go by in anguish.

No question is too foolish to ask.

Bookings taken for Training Now:

Tibetan Reiki - Level 1 & 2 Certificate Courses.

Meditation - Basic & Advanced Practice. (One on One or groups)

Bowen Reiki Instructor & Therapist

Hi I'm Evie, my greatest passion is teaching Reiki and Meditation.

As a tactile therapist I'm enthusiastic about sharing energy, to enhance a life. I'm a Visionary enjoying a profound experience called Earth.

BOOKINGS - Taken now. Payment Plan Available - Pensioner disc.

Tibetan Reiki 1,2, Children's & Master/teacher Training

Meditation for Beginners & Advanced Spiritual Practice.
Venues held at your Venue or Mine.

My practice started in Vic 26 years before I moved to Qld in 2004, working Nationally and Internationally. Miracles are all around us. Allow me to open your heart and mind to see YOUR Divinity. I was blessed to have had a Holy Man teach me, A Monk. It's taken me on a quest seeing more than most would want to in a lifetime.

THERAPIES - Reiki - Meditation - Bowen, Reflexology, Kinesiology, Chakra Balance, Massage. House Blessings

I utilise all my modalities to help you relax, find peace thru a deeper sense of purpose. My Methods aren't conventional. I am guided with each modality. My techniques are an integration of the many Therapies and Divine Guidance.

Each treatment is tailored to the Receipent.
Bowen, Reflexology, Massage, Reiki, Clearing your Energy Fields or Healing the Earth's Lay Lines, Spiritual Nourishment or Meditation.

If you book a Massage, it may finish with you finding your life purpose, or a blockage. Anything is possible! Broken bones and pain can be mended, there tangible. What about your tortured mind?

Who do you turn too if you need to release core level blockages, or genetic patterns that may hamper your wellbeing? Things that effect every aspect of your life. Before we can move forward, we need to look within. Pin point key events or time lines, working on multiple levels shifting blockage from past programming.

What we think the issues is in our life in many cases is not the cause.
We have buried our wounds so deeply. Guidance is tailored to help find and target your health requirements, on all levels of self.

I have created Meditation, CD's for Children 3 - 7years, taught meditation to teenagers in private school. My work is one on one to tailoring meditation for personal pain management. Or Group.

I am available most days by appointment.
Personally, Internet & Postal (for Distant Absent Healing).



  • Dip. Parapsychology, Registered NFH
  • Bowen, Kinesiology, Magnified Healing, Meditation, Massage, Spiritual Iridology
  • Reiki Master Teacher (Tibetan Usui)
  • R.E.S.E.T.(T.M.J. balance)

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Tibetan Reiki Meditation all levels teacher training & Spiritual Practises.

Bowen, Reiki,Meditation, Spiritual Nourishment & Massasge

How may I be of Assistance? Alllow My guidance to help you take the next step in your Becoming. Free in Mind, Body and Soul. Healthier, Happier, Empowered.

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Evie Intuitive Instructor & Therapist