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Learn Primitve Reflex Integartion Techniques   Removing barriers to learning through:    Rhythmic Movement Training.   BRAIN GYM   Move to Learn 

Evonne Bennell - Craniosacral, Primitive Reflex Integration

Servicing area

Clinics in Turramurra and Crows Nest

Focus areas

Emotional wellbeing Joy Nurturing Movement patterns Nervous system Stress management

Move to Learn

Move to Learn focuses on the underlying functional deficits that children with a number of learning difficulties & disabilities are experiencing, utilising left and right brain functions and assists to mature the vestibular system along with any retained primitive reflexes that should normally have disappeared by the time a child is in school.

An easy to follow and simple program that is made up of a warm up and nine simple movement sequences it covers all of the essentials that every child requires to develop an effective base for academic learning (in the correct order).

Useful for school and home/group applications being designed to be as easy and as simple as possible, whilst still achieving the benefits, we strived to make sure that the program:

    • was effective in the shortest time possible


    • required the least amount of time & space


    • required the least amount of equipment & resources


    • required little training to run it


Rhythmic Movement Training

The RMT program focuses on the deeper understanding of how the relationship between movement in early development, neural development and the role of primitive reflex integrations factors into the development of a stable foundation in aspects such as the physical skill foundation for learning success, good posture and our emotional and physical wellbeing.

RMT movements follow the infant’s journey from the womb world, birth and the initial 12 or so months after birth, from floor exploration, head control, creeping, tolling and crawling on hands and knees and beginning to walk. The natural movement of babies through these early stages of development are crucial for laying the neural pathways and myelination of the brain. They are vital for developing optimum muscle tone, head control and posture and the foundational ability to move learn and live.

RMT allows for the integration of infant reflexes or underdeveloped movements to be improved and this increases the sensory information which may otherwise interrupt:

    • the natural flow of baby’s developmental milestones


    • Nervous system maturation,


    • Contributing factors to presentations such as ADD/ADHD, and Asperger’s Syndrome.


    • Posture and body organisation,


    • Learning challenges- dyslexia, dyspraxia, writing problems, focussing and comprehension challenges, co-ordination difficulties


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