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What is it?

As a holistic health practitioner I have spent more than 15 years extensively diving into nutritional research I have to be honest – there were still times I was confused as to what exact foods, exercise and lifestyle factors would assist people to get quick lasting results. That is, until I discovered a unique and individualised Epigenetic approach – one that’s set to revolutionize the health and wellness industry. And if you’ve never heard of the term Epigenetics – it’s a term that simply means “above or outside the gene” – those signals from the environment (both internally and externally) that turn genes on and off. This comprehensive personalised health platform provides you with specific information on what you need to do to optimise your health right now. The information it delivers provides an evolving list of your best foods, exercise regime, sleep schedule, climate, and in-depth understanding of your brain at work, socially and in general function. Rather than giving you a whole lot of information about your genes that doesn’t make sense, e.g. you have the GG CYP1A2 variant, our program gives you the specific action to take, i.e. the timing and type of foods that will support your optimal energy and brain function levels, your best time to sleep and then wake up, and so much more. Providing home-based support and your very own virtual health assistant app, it digs into your program and prompts you throughout the day with health tips personalised to your genes, and your current state of health.

How does it work?

Your health assessment includes specific measures of your body, questions about your health history, genetic lineage, environment and lifestyle. Over 10,000 data points are captured during this process, calculated using a combination of Western genetics and Traditional Chinese & Ayurvedic principles, and this data is then used to calculate your current state of health and corresponding health advice. In short, it measures your genes, how they are currently behaving, and guidance on what to do to put your genes in their optimal state. This helps me pin point specific issues and target treatment more accurately. It differs from genetic testing, by looking at your phenotype, or how your genes are actually expressing in the current environment they are in.

Getting Started

A 60 minute consult is all it takes to collect your correct measurements, complete your questionnaire and set up your profile. At the end of your session, you will have access to your very own unique and personalised dietary and lifestyle interventions, through both your computer and the supporting mobile app. As you implement your personalised health recommendations and your body measurements and habits begin to change, we can update all of your new data in the platform. These updates will then change your dietary recommendations match your health goals and objectives in real time. Want to lose weight, your dietary recommendations will reflect that, want to maintain your goal weight, your dietary recommendation will change to reflect that too.

Putting it into practice

The information on the platform is ground breaking, however, most of us actually need ongoing support to execute the health behaviours that are important when wanting real change(even if we know what to do). A qualified epigenetic practitioner can confidently coach you to putting the information into action and give you a greater understanding of your natural tendencies, and how to sustainably put it all into practice.

Who can it help?

Regardless of your condition, your body needs to be in a state of rest and calm in order to heal. This gives you information and guidance to reduce stress and inflammation, and give YOUR body the environment it needs to address many health conditions such as fatigue, poor sleep, body fat, digestive issues, foggy brain function, and your health as a whole.


Gone is the one size fits all approach – we now have access to the world’s most advanced platform to give you an individualised guide to understand what is going to be best for your body and your health. By using 15 different bodies of science, including genetics and epigenetics, you are able to KNOW the foods, exercise, social, work, mindset and environmental considerations that bring your body it’s best health, and give you the freedom you have been searching for to support your wellbeing with confidence. Use your profile in conjunction with an expertly trained epigenetic professional will create real and sustainable change to your health.

To get started, please schedule your assessment session with Cherie Gorringe and find out your unique biotype and personalised recommendations.

Current Niche

Fertility - females 20-45yo with thyroid and/or PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) issues.

We use a unique science rich approach that leverages epigenetics to provide you with a powerfully personalised program that changes as you do. No gene testing is required - our approach captures the expression of your genes as they currently are, then brings you back into the best balance for your mind and body, so you are ready to create a family legacy filled with robust health and longevity. Epigenetics simply means "that which influences the gene - the internal and external environment interplay responsible for turning genes on or off" - this way we can provide personalised and predictive recommendations to correct and prevent health challenges.

We love what we do but more importantly, we love helping our clients use simple solutions that not only result in healthier, happier babies; they provide lasting health benefits for the rest of your offspring's life. We all desire the best for our children and family, and it is our desire to optimise your outcomes in every way - to enhance function and performance, strengthen immunity, increase resilience, prevent chronic disease and improve quality and quantity of life. Leveraging epigenetic foundations is the best gift and legacy you can give yourself and your children throughout life.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

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