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ACT Extra Lesson™ and Therapy Centre

Mariane Judd

24 Ryan St
Curtin ACT 2605

Servicing area: Australian Capital Territory

ACT Extra Lesson™ and Therapy Centre

Mariane has many years of experience working to assist and enhance the learning outcomes of students with symptoms of ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, learning and auditory difficulties using a holistic developmental approach working with some of the underlying individual issues each child, adolescent or adult presents.

ACT Extra Lesson and Therapy Centre

Does your child/ adolescent have symptoms of:

  • ADHD, dyspraxia, autism, developmental difficulties
  • anxiety
  • learning difficulties e.g. reading, maths, spelling, handwriting
  • auditory processing problems or sensitivities 
  • fine and/or gross motor co-ordination and planning difficutlies or
  • is your child just not getting the results at school that you feel they are capable of?

The first step is to have a consultation to understand what some of the underlying issues might be that could be holding back your child or limiting your child's potential.

Assistance with these underlying issues can allow a child/adolescent to feel happier, more confident and learn more effectively and decrease parent stress.

The benefits:

The holistic approach to your child means that the individual issues you identify will be the focus of the assessment and remediation process.

You can also have your child assessed to see what their academic potential is and to develop strategies to help them do their best.

Enquire or book a consultation through this website.

Qualification Details

  • Mariane Judd PhD, MEd, BSc(Pysh), GradDipEd. Member APS.
  • Educational and Developmental Psychologist
    LENS Neurofeedback Practitioner
    iLs Advanced Practitioner and Trainer
  • Co-ordinator of The Extra Lesson Institute.
  • Lecturer and Workshop Leader for Professional Development.


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Mariane Judd

from ACT Extra Lesson™ and Therapy Centre in Curtin, ACT

Mariane Judd