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Extraordinary Mind Project

Jan Cross

Murdoch WA 6150

Servicing area: Perth-wide - Claremont Murdoch Mt Lawley Winthrop Kalamunda

Extraordinary Mind Project

Extraordinary Mind Project workshops and courses allow you to reconnect with your natural-born - and now hidden - creativity and have it flow back into, and light up, your life.


Feeling stuck, or that something is missing? then chances are it’s that your creativity is missing. Keen for less stress and reactivity, more creativity, confidence, peace, and a total break?  


Reclaim, and dwell for a while. in your natural state!

Creative Expression Explosion - Have Your Artwork Speak!

"THIS IS CREATIVITY SPEAKING!... tell me, which of these best describes what I am for you?”

  • Creativity is a release a form of expression
  • Creativity enriches you  a magical world, separate from the real world, in which you get to explore ideas, materials 
  • Creativity gives you insight – a way of exploring your inner life and expanding yourself 
  • Creativity is communication a way to capture and share your experiences and expand through your art

Or all of the above? Either way, a deeper, greater, more playful, joyous part of you is waiting for more adventure!

In Draw Your Way To Creativity you experience the magic of being able to side-step some of your brain patterning and so break through into fresh perceptions and thoughts, and extraordinarily fast new learning. (Similar to yourself as a young child.)

Key is to do your exploring and new learning from within a deep ‘flow state’. The resulting drawings always have an astonishing ease and harmony about them.

Creative Expression Explosion – Have Your Artwork Speak!  Level 2.   5 sessions x 2.5 hours

This follow-on drawing class Creative Expression Explosion: Have Your Artwork Speak!! takes your expressiveness to exceptional new, unexpected levels. (And there is a natural ‘flow on’ effect into other art and non-art interests of yours.)

It builds exquisite sensitivity, life, and communication power into your drawing.

Partly by extending the visual awakening experience of the first course to the other senses, especially touch and movement, and to body states and body language as well. Which richness flows without effort into your art.

Most preciously, though, you gain the uncommon (and little taught) ability to choose - before you start your drawing (or other creative work) - which quality, emotion, mood you will have ‘show up’ on your page (or in your piano playing!) so that your work speaks to others!

You will find the processes that you learn make it remarkably easy to do this.

They are the same processes that are used instinctively, naturally and strongly by the great artists… and are the basis of what allows the greats to remain great!

What's involved? 

1. Gain a bird's eye understanding of the creativity access process you learned over the sessions of Draw Your Way To Creativity and now apply it freely for more creativity in your life.

The result: from extraordinary to exponential blossoming!

2. Tap unexpected sources of sensitivity that naturally add vitality and depth to your art.

Side effect: life itself becomes more interesting!

3. Raise the 'knock your socks off' factor. There's magic in being able to capture and share pre-chosen thoughts and feelings through your art and other work.

Side effect: become exceptionally impressed by and confident in your brain's ability to come up with great answers for you!

Some outcomes…

  • Startlingly expressive, sensitive, and vital drawing

  • Consolidation and expansion of the skills and principles learnt during Draw Your Way To Creativity.

  • You gain uncommon access to an ability to pre-choose qualities, ideas, moods and emotions and have them manifest in your artwork ... so that it speaks!

  • Enchantment! You will find yourself relating more fully and sensitively and creatively to your art subject, to the environment in general, and to the people around you.

  • Inspiration, a sense of purpose and confidence naturally expand

  • Your inspiration has a ripple on effect to others.

  • This is special 'time-out' for you and, being spent in the natural, optimal state of 'flow', it is especially healthful.

  • Arrive frazzled, leave refreshed... even though it feels like you can’t fit another thing into your busy life! It calms things way down.

  • It takes only a few short hours to be tapping into expressiveness In a way usually only chanced upon by the greats!

  • Nothing to fix, all to explore!  

What people say…

“Absolutely liberating, joyful. Unbelievably satisfying.” ~ Frank Smith

“Wow. I wanted something out of the ordinary… to develop my creative side and be a more dynamic person. This is brilliant.” ~ Clara Lukin

“Loved the freedom, the encouragement, the permission to be myself. The course has put me ‘back on track’.” ~ Bob McKenzie

“Excellent! I have done many art courses but haven’t had this level of  feedback, which really helps with where to direct attention. I recommend it to those with an interest in drawing at ALL levels.” ~ Sally Lee

“Fear is a faded memory as I found my VOICE!” ~ Cherie G

“If you want to get out of your own way & do what for you seemed impossible, do this course! Brilliant.” ~ Greg Schneider

“If you want confidence & the belief you can achieve anything, do this course.” ~ Heather B-B