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Extraordinary Mind Project

Jan Cross

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Extraordinary Mind Project

Extraordinary Mind Project workshops and courses allow you to reconnect with your natural-born - and now hidden - creativity and have it flow back into, and light up, your life.

Feeling stuck, or that something is missing? then chances are it’s that your creativity is missing. Keen for less stress and reactivity, more creativity, confidence, peace, and a total break?  

Reclaim, and dwell for a while. in your natural state!

Draw Your Way to Creativity


A. You sense that there’s more to you and to your creativity

B. “I don’t have a creative bone in my body!” you say. You have proof! You are jovial about it. But deep down - when and if you looked - you would likely come across disappointment and a wish that it wasn’t true.

C. ‘Stuck, at a standstill in life’ - the feeling is too familiar. (Great news, because it may entice you to the edge of your comfort zone, where creativity lives.)

D. Sometimes you just wish you were more creative!

If any of these apply then chances are the way your brain is currently wired is holding your creativity (and you) prisoner.

How did we disconnect from our birthright of creativity?  

As very young children we lived in a state of curiosity and creativity most of our waking hours. As life happens, brain patterning happens and soon we have many, many ready answers (or habits) and much of our daily life rolls efficiently over into automatic. (Which is good in very many ways.)  

However, when the questions slow down or stop, so does creativity.

And losing strong connection with your creativity can leave you feeling like some of the excitement of life is missing.  

Want to break free and let your hidden talents show? 

Because this is the place to come for remarkable changes in your drawing (and other creative) ability.  

Not the usual incremental improvement!  

Because this is the place to come for remarkable changes in your drawing (and other creative) ability.

And it's fail-safe! 

Participants in Extraordinary Mind Project courses will tell you that being bowled over by unexpected talent that emerges during a deep flow state changes everything!

Partly because you are shocked (or at least very surprised!) by what you have been able to do. "Oh, my goodness, I had no idea I could do that!"

And partly because it seems so completely natural. It occurs as some new 'truth' about you!

How does this work?

Discover key practical information about the mechanics of the brain and how to work with it so that you can tune into the brain’s creativity mechanism, and your potential, more deliberately and deeply than adults (and you!) usually can. 

The context for the discovery is specially designed, brain-aware drawing exercises.

You will see how you can break out of what you can now do and reconnect with creativity you didn’t even know (remember?) you had.

Startlingly improved drawing is just the beginning, though!

Here is an opportunity to:

  • Awaken an amazing sense of possibility and inspiration for anything that you wish to take on.
  • Feel the peace and relief of ‘coming home’ to your (patiently waiting) creativity.
  • Dwell for a while in deep, rejuvenating relaxation!
  • Experience a creativity flow on effect into other areas of your life and interests.

Many participants report benefits they didn’t expect, such as better concentration at work, more confidence in many situations, and less reactivity.

One, Kerry Nunn, found her depression disappeared and the classes have helped her publish a book listed by Curtin University as recommended reading.

What people say…

"I feel like I can do anything. I really do!" ~ Naomi Ainley

It’s been the single most rewarding course I have ever done.” ~ Karen Twort, industry trainer/facilitator

Very different to other courses. Feel more potential in life, other abilities.” ~ Mina, medical doctor

"This provides you with the tools and brain knowledge, and the permission, to explore your own creative abilities." ~ Murray Dean

This is a great project... I had a great time and learned a great deal along the way. I highly recommend this woman's approach to life and learning ......She is awesome!” ~ Amanda Lee, university lecturer

I really want to expand this adventure. For me it is very exciting. Like a whole new world opened. I found it like learning a new language. I feel like I had a whole text inside, but squashed, and now I find the means of actual expression and creativity.” ~ Violetta Ferguson

"It's an amazing thing. In my case, the start of a new world! It has created side effects and I see things in a different perspective!" ~ Rob Baccala

Get started right away for free!

Leave your 'to do' list behind and be in the world in a different, 'unstuck' way for a while.

In just 2.5 hours in a Free Introductory Workshop:

  • Hear the essential information on how to slip past brain patterning and reconnect with the creativity we all have in spades as young children.
  • See 'before & after' examples which illustrate what is possible for you, too! It works for stick man level drawers through to professional artists.
  • And 'try on' some of the ideas on the spot, for yourself, in the form of some simple drawing exercises.

The Free Introductory Workshop is informative, transforming and a fun event in itself – well worth attending! No obligation.

Join 3,700+ participants so far!

Workshops and courses rotate through multiple locations - Murdoch, Mt Lawley, Winthrop, Claremont, Joondalup, Kalamunda.

See upcoming dates & venues.


Find your lost creative self!

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