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Extraordinary Mind Project

Jan Cross

Murdoch WA 6150

Servicing area: Perth-wide - Claremont Murdoch Mt Lawley Winthrop Kalamunda

Extraordinary Mind Project

Extraordinary Mind Project workshops and courses allow you to reconnect with your natural-born - and now hidden - creativity and have it flow back into, and light up, your life.


Feeling stuck, or that something is missing? then chances are it’s that your creativity is missing. Keen for less stress and reactivity, more creativity, confidence, peace, and a total break?


Reclaim, and dwell for a while. in your natural state!

Extraordinary Mind Project - Workshops


Free Introductory Workshop

You will be amazed at what you can discover and how you can better access artistic and other creative talent within yourself. An interesting, transformative, and fun workshop!

This workshop:

    • Foundation on the principles at work in other Extraordinary Mind Project courses
    • You will be able to see past work from other participants
    • Breakthrough in trouble areas of life

Draw Your Way to Creativity

A simple series of drawing lessons guiding step by step into natural creativity and learning. Your drawing will improve, and you experience an awakening of your capacity for creative expression in other areas of life outside art. See more

Create Your Art Project - the Extraordinary Mind Project Way!

This new 2-day workshop serves as a guide and inspiration for your latest art project. The Project's aims to help you clarify what really 'floats your boat' when it comes to your artistic mind. What is it about the experience that attracts you? 

You will also select an art medium(s) and direction to explore and then apply the methodology to create your environment and manage your mind effectively for creative success. Your own extraordinary mind project!

Creative Expression Explosion - Have Your Artwork Speak!

You will learn how to better access your innate thoughts that you don’t usually tap into. Your ability to pre-choose emotions, qualities, and moods and then have them magically and strongly manifest on your page, so that your words can resonate with others. A more advanced course.

In this workshop we will explore options on how we can swerve around the brain’s colour paintbox, to life the veil on colour and actually view colour in all of its amazing richness and subtlety. We will help you to use this improved perception in your artworks!

Discoveries In Oil Pastels with Jeremy Holton

As someone who has been participant in the Extraordinary Mind Project methodology since the early days, Jeremy understands the perspectives of participants at Extraordinary Mind Project. Jeremy’s approach is primarily based on discovery and is designed to continually intercept the 'already known'. Guidance in colour, composition, and other such matters is included.

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