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Excelerate Your Healing with Hypnosis

Conscious Hypnosis

What is ...Conscious Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an altered and heightened state of awareness, a trance. However, you are totally aware of your surroundings and you know exactly what is going on around you, you do not lose consciousness.

Hypnosis helps train the brain to eliminate bad choices that have led to bad habits for eg smoking, over eating, bad food choices, increase of self-sabotage. It can also assist with fears, anxiety, stress leading up to an exam, self-confidence and even having a painless labour.

Can you answer Yes to any of these questions…?

  • Do you want to quit smoking ?

  • Are you at an unhealthy Weight?

  • Suffer Angziety, Stress?

  • Stress with Exams or Concentration?

  • Lack Confidence?

Conscious Hypnosis can...

  • Assist to become a Non Smoker

  • Assist to reach that desired and healthy weight

  • Become calmer , more confident

  • Assist to rid your fears, assist with pain

  • Knock your exams right out of the ball park

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