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Do you feel that you are alone in your journey? Are you feeling overwhelmed and finding it difficult just trying to balancing out your daily life? Feelings of not being good enough or worthy, loosing yourself in motherhood and relationships, getting caught in the endless cycle of all the unhealthy choices that life has to offer?  Are you an emotional hoarder?  I have been helping women deal with many issues just like these, I can help you to.

Conscious Mindset Coaching

Focus areas

Clinical hypnotherapy Inner power Empty nest Lifestyle Love Stress management

Feeling Overwhelmed and Unable to Balance your life? Finding yourself so DIS-CONNECTED with your inner world, that is effecting your outer world, making you that person you are not?

Our lives are always in transition, whatever our circumstances might be. Challenges never leave us at any stage and we always find ourselves struggling to deal with them. What are you struggling with?

  • Making the same mistakes
  • Losing yourself in motherhood
  • Empty nest syndrome
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Lack Assertiveness
  • No direction
  • Do not know who you are
  • Hanging onto others Belief System

With the Conscious Mindset program it allows you to take a fascinating journey into your inner world in ways that you have never thought of and discover the keys to becoming all that you can be, by looking at your natural abilities and strengths.  With your own unique Personal Conscious Mindset program, you can experience growth and improvement in ALL areas of your life, as your Coach lovingly points out the areas of your life that you need to work on in order to achieve your goals.

  • How what we do is driven by unconsciousness
  • Knowing how we feel
  • Negative emotions
  • Set goals aligned with your soul
  • Relating to life as we now know it
  • Uncover your own Belief System

Another area is Assertiveness…which is a healthy, honest and direct way to lovingly express your feelings, and is essential for each and every one of us.  In a coaching session you will explore how assertiveness allows you to feel heard, in contrast to less effective methods of trying to get your needs met.  You will also discover why you have lost your inner power to how to gain your self-empowerment back.

Coaching Session will cover …

  • What happened to your assertiveness
  • The difference between aggressiveness, passive-aggressiveness and assertiveness
  • How to overcome fears related to assertiveness
  • How to speak your truth
  • Learning how to set boundaries

We are all special and unique individuals on our own individual journey. One person’s journey is not the same as another’s, so why shouldn’t your program be tailored to you. I will guide you on a fascinating journey of Self-Discovery.  Through your own customised programs, you will begin to find that positive inner strength that has been missing, to become Connected with Who You Are.  Can you imagine what it would feel like? To become that person who is Self-Assured and Confident, knowing exactly who you are, with the freedom to move forward.  You’re ready, I know you are.


6 Services

Clinical & Spiritual Hypnotherapy

1hr 30min
Hypnotherapy Spiritual Healing Women's Health Mindfulness
$160 Per session

Hypnotherapy allows our Conscious mind to sleep, which then allows the positive reinforcement to talk to your Sub-Conscious mind to start to heal you inner turmoil.

Conscious Mindset Coaching

Life Coaching Women's Health Mindfulness
$990 Per course

Taking a fascinating journey into your untapped world, which looks at unwanted habits, beliefs, purpose. Giving you the tools to move forward in a positive way, releasing all the block barriers that you have been living with. Using a variety of modaliti


  • Reiki Master
  • Access Bars
  • Clinical & Spiritual Hypnotherapy
  • Conscious Mindset Coach
  • Applied Pshycotherapy
  • Inner Child Healing

Professional Membership

  • Australian Hypnotherapists' Association
  • IICT - International Institute For Complementary Therapists

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