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Julie Vee

210 Hume Hwy
Lansvale NSW 2166

Reiki ...

Heal through Universe Energy


Reiki is a form of healing through Universal Energy. It can be used for when there is an imbalance, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Reiki is about energy and a transfer of healing energy through the Reiki Practitioner to the Client. Reiki is not a substitute for Medical treatment nor is it a diagnostic system.

Can you answer Yes to any of these questions…?

  • Do you feel Tired & Low in Energy ?

  • Feel Stuck?

  • Get upset easily?

  • Hold onto grudges?

  • Carry stress in your body?

Reiki Treatments can ...

  • Enhance the body’s natural ability to heal

  • Make you Feel better & Increase your Energy?

  • Release Blocks & Resolve problems

  • Ability to calm yourself down

  • Peaceful & Restful sleep?

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Reiki is a Beautiful treatment and could potentially change your life!

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