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Spiritual Coach & Teacher, Multidimensional Healer; Psychic Medium; Angelic Reiki Master Teacher; Transformational Workshop Facilitator

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Hi, my name is Faith.  My mission is to reconnect people to the truth of who they truly are and teach them how to live a spiritually connected & heart-soul centred life, as it is during these times of great spiritual change and opportunity, that learning to go within is paramount.  It is time to know thyself and enter the transformational world within to realign you to your Soul's true purpose, mission and learn the lessons this journey has to offer you (just as you planned).

In the process of this, there is healing to be done as I assist you to let go of the weight of limiting beliefs and negative programming from this life and past lives, shift the dark crystalline energies from your energy bodies and repair the cells back to a blueprint of perfect health. 

Healing is a journey, and working with me, is an ongoing commitment from you towards your journey of healing and transformation. 

I offer a few ways of working with me:-

Monthly - 3-monthly Soul Readings where I am assisted by your guides and mine, our Higher Selves, and the Angels to help you understand your journey, where you are right now and why, what you need to do in order to heal and transform in a step by step spiritual instruction given to me during our reading.  I have worked with the vibrational medicine of Australian Bush Flower Essences with great success and include a special blend for you, to help you through each part of your journey.  I offer these sessions face to face and online.  

Cost including essence is $120.00.


Coaching Package of 4 x 45min coaching sessions where we dive into the beauty that is you within and let go of all that is no longer required and co-create a life you love.  Each session is a blend of soulful, self-awareness and healing processes, each session building upon the previous to ensure you are continually growing in self-awareness, moving forward on your healing journey and finding your happiness within.  Of course, it will take more than just 4 sessions, let's be realistic here, but buying discounted coaching sessions in a 4 pack is a lot less expensive than 12, so you can buy as many 4-packs as you like for as long as you need and/or are happy to work with me :)

I offer these sessions face to face and online.

Cost for a 4 x session coaching package is $397


Workshops & Retreats. I regularly run spiritual, shamanic and self-empowerment workshops & retreats throughout the year and I am willing to travel for a group of 10+ attendees.  My two most popular workshops are:



A 5-DAY transpersonal and transformational retreat teaching you about self-love and attracting your perfect partner.  I designed this powerful workshop from my own experience of healing the soul destroying pattern of attracting negative partners.  I sat down for 28 days, knowing I had all the skills to heal this, and I fleshed out every shadowy corner in my unconscious mind in relation to relationships, shining the light of awareness and healing, and on the 29th day ...... I met him and we get married in 2020!

In this workshop, I will guide you through the same process.  I have fine-tuned the processes of 28 days into a beautiful 5-day process of transformation.

If you don't like the retreat or group thing, you can also do this workshop 1:1 with Faith online or face to face.

For more information, please visit my website.



In this 2-day workshop you will learn about Shamanism and how to live a shamanic life in balance with the Earth, our mother and all who reside within and without, and the multidimensional Universe in which we live.  You will experience the shamanic journey and meet your power animal and your spiritual guides in order to begin a co-creating and healing relationship with them.  You will learn about the medicine wheel and how to use it in healing...and much more.

If you don't like the workshop or group thing, you can always do this workshop 1:1 with Faith online or face to face.

For more information, please visit my website:


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