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Falling Leaf Yoga and Massage

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​Founder of Falling Leaf Yoga and Massage Hollie is an internationally acclaimed yoga instructor and Massage Therapist. She has also studied Naturopathy at the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine and completed a Bachelor of Health Promotion. She is passionate about preventative movement in Health and Wellness and hopes to inspire and teach others to take control of their own health.

Her interest in yoga has developed from a young age. Hollie trained initially in India through traditional spiritual based practice. She has since furthered her study in Canada where she states she, ‘learnt to apply her understanding of alignment and anatomy to enhance yoga postures’. Hollie prides herself on teaching a safe and balanced class whilst retaining traditional connection to yoga philosophy.

Hollie has eight years’ experience practising as a Massage Therapist. She has worked in many environments from six star spas, cruise ships, Canadian ski hills and in clinical settings alongside Chiropractors and Physiotherapists. Her skill set is transferable to customising her yoga classes and massage practise to suit individual needs.


Completing my 350hr teacher training in 2013. My philosophical approach to teaching yoga is focused on integrating the physical and psychological aspects of yoga, exploring the mind and body as a whole. Ultimately aiming to create an atmosphere for enjoyment, relaxation, release and healing!
Typically working with a flowing Vinyasa style, coupled together with Yin based postures, I harness the fundamental mechanics of the body to move and breathe freely. My classes can be physically challenging and also deeply relaxing. Also guiding practitioners into slower movements and sustained asana, to explore inner expression, meditation and personal transformation.
Building on a foundation of breath and alignment to increase self-awareness, strength and flexibility. I am adaptable in my approach to teaching and welcome people from all levels of experience and body types from beginners to more advanced and sports specific, as well as delivering prenatal yoga classes. I value maintaining a tender approach in guiding students to find integrity and balance, to revel in harmony through their own personal yoga journey.
To me yoga is intrinsically artistic, coming from a visual art background my aim is to develop and inspire creativity as well as build a resonance with yoga practitioners to explore and understand the diversity of experience and myriad perspectives on yoga.
Currently I am completing an undergraduate degree in psychology which has been profoundly rewarding particularly as it allows me to incorporate a deeper aspect of mindfulness whether it is through teaching yoga or just personally.
Yoga is not about reaching an end goal it is about the intentions you create for the journey, it can bring great joy and its potential is limitless. ​


​Lillian is an artist, healer, writer, speaker, eco-advocate, entrepreneur, blogger and content creator interested in exploring the intersection between human creativity and spirituality. Where art and creative expression in all of its diversity becomes the language and communication of that one spirit 'Self' or cosmic consciousness… 
Interested in eco-consciousness and expanding awareness of the innate spiritual connection that we have with the land through practices such as healing arts, meditation and self-care rituals. Realising that we are one with everything that's arising moment to moment, including the earth - we are not separate from it. This is where the science and healing art of creative eco-conscious living has become such an important aspect to her work and part of her Dharma or true calling and purpose in life. 
She is a meditation teacher and holistic counsellor, working one on one or in groups, her aim is to create spaces for personal and collective growth and healing through various creative, spiritual and therapeutic modalities. Empowering people to explore, discover and live in vibrant alignment their true authentic selves freely.
Feel welcome to contact Lillian through her website www.lillianadele.com to find out more about her work.


Falling Leaf is motivated to make yoga widely accessible for all levels/abilities/backgrounds. Through alignment based practise and specific anatomy based queues, we pride ourselves on delivering safe and inspiring classes. You will leave each class feeling balanced, motivated and well informed.



There are few things more relaxing than getting a good massage. At Falling Leaf our professional therapists are qualified and experienced. We are motivated to cater our treatments to your specific needs. If that be relaxation or pain relief we are here for you.



Feel free to relax after class with an Espresso coffee or Tumeric Latte.


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