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Fast Marriage Help

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We utilize the truth of who you are, right now in the present moment and what can be more powerful than truth and this moment?!

Fast Marriage Help

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Relationships can be difficult, more so when what should have been said a long time ago (or even yesterday) hasn’t been said. We let the walls build up in our minds and hearts and finally there is just so much pent up sadness, anger, frustration and confusion that we no longer feel safe saying anything. When you finally do say something your partner feels sniped at, nagged, criticised and controlled and pushes back….….and it’s a downward spiral. More walls are built, less is said, the weight of pent up thought, feelings and emotions hang heavy. How close is this to describing your situation?

The good news is that this doesn’t have to go on any longer and if you and your partner take action with some marriage counseling or couples therapy you can avoid your marriage becoming another number in the divorce statistics.

I want to help you help yourselves.

With Fast Marriage Help DIY Marriage Counseling / DIY Couples Therapy couples will learn an improved method of communicating that allows what needs to be said, said and does so in a way that both partners can feel safe enough to be open and honest enough to communicate fully and effectively and you can use this technique in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

About Me

I was on a spiritual retreat (secular) and had no idea what I was in for. In those few short seconds and over the years that followed my life had changed and I was indelibly left with the knowledge that there was no higher calling in life than to reduce the suffering of others.

Before starting Fast Marriage Help I ran a business as a contract Fitter/Machinist – repairing pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical systems on industrial machinery and mine sites. Customers expect results and I do, too.

What I had acquired though was an appreciation for an amazing communication technique that I had learnt on my retreats. Reporting (OK, maybe venting) my marital frustration to a fellow spiritualist who was more experienced than I was, he suggested that we try the relationship version of that same technique used on retreat. Very, very thankfully my wife and I were taught and we applied the technique that I now call ‘The Bridge’.

Now I want to share that with you here at Fast Marriage Help.

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