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Aug 2014

Faunia Smith Naturopath

Contact Name Faunia Smith
Mobile 0408 568 323
Address Toowoomba QLD 4358
Servicing Areas Darling Downs.
Faunia Smith is a qualified naturopath with 26 years of experience. Faunia also has a degree in health science and is a bowen therapist. She formally worked at Blackmores, Sydney as their Professional Services Naturopath. Faunia specializes in Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy, which is a drug free pain management treatment. This may be used in conjunction with Bowen therapy, herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle changes. Faunia also has a strong interest in women's health, including qualifications in natural fertility management.

Faunia Smith Naturopath

Naturopath, Medical herbalist, Nutritionist, Bowen therapist, Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapist, Natural Fertility Management councilor.

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