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Feathers of Light

Om-ra Kitto

Brisbane QLD 4000

Servicing area: Northern Rivers and distantly/remotely

Feathers of Light

Om Ra offers Crystalline Grid Alignments, House and Land Clearings and Planetary and Solar/Galactic Grid Alignments. For more information call Feathers of Light or click on one of the buttons below.

Feathers of Light - Crystal Therapy

Crystalline and Solar Galactic Grid Alignments

These Grid Alignment sessions are a potent way to connect and activate you to the gridlines on a multitude of levels.

These are powerful alignments for Healers and Teachers who would like to download their work from the gridlines, by aligning and activating them for myself, I am able to connect with a lot of dispensation also to download a lot of what I have kept hidden for myself from previous incarnations for retrieval when I was ready.

This series of transmissions will help those individuals who are bringing in new energies such as Heart Paradigm Healing Modalities and Spiritual Teachings. The transmissions will help to tap into spiritual networks of support for their world service missions.

House and Land Clearings

Houses and land can be disturbed energetically by less-than-love thoughts, emotions, earthbound entities, negative portals and weaknesses in the land. If you are sensitive you may be able to feel this when you’re in the house.

House and Land Clearing comprises a clearing of the matrix of your house and grid of your land, clearing of any negative elementals or earthbound entities, sealing less-than-love portals and anything that is not of the light. Om-Ra facilitates placement of Vortexes of Light in the areas of your house where there are weaknesses to less-than-love stuff. The energy of your house and land is raised in vibration through Sacred Geometry and the Language of Light. 

Andara Crystal Glass

Feathers of Light sells a range of genuine Andara Crystals to facilitate healing on many levels. Visit the Feathers of Light website to learn more and browse the crystals 

For more information about Feathers of Light’s range of services, call Om-Ra, visit the website or click on one of the buttons below

Qualification Details

Om-ra is a qualified Kundalini Reiki Master
Certified Crystal Healing Master

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