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Feathers of Light

Om-ra Kitto

Brisbane QLD 4000

Servicing area: Northern Rivers and distantly/remotely

Feathers of Light

Multidimensional Metaphysical Master, Etheric Surgeon and Channel of the Light and the Consciousness of the Ascended Masters’, Om Ra provides Energetic Clearing, Soul, Earth and Source Connections, Spiritual Guidance, soul retrieval and courses.

Feathers of Light - Spiritual Healing

Multidimensional Shamanic/Etheric Clearing/Healing/repairing and Soul Retrieval and, Drug and Alcohol Damage Repair Treatments

Om-Ra facilitates the releasing, clearing and healing of Depression, Anger, Fear, Negative Karma and lower aspects of the ego and personality to gain balance and peace and a strengthened connection to your Higher-Self, Guides, Guardians and God/Goddess/Source Energy.

Ascension and Descension

Ascension is your opportunity to release your ego's control and surrender to your higher-self's will. Ascension and Descension require 12 levels of Lightbody Activations. Levels 1-7 are about Ascension working on the higher chakras to bring yourself into alignment with your Higher-Self – this includes Soul Retrieval. Levels 8-12 of the Lightbody Activation is related to releasing separation and duality from your lower chakras and coming into alignment with your higher chakras and divine will. The 8-12 levels are related to surrender and further Soul Retrieval, deeper levels of the Divine Blueprint Activations and deeper levels of alignments.

Feathers of Light also offers the following Activations, Healing and Soul Retrieval services:

Shamanic Multidimensional Healing and Soul Retrieval

DNA Activations

Unplugging from the 3d Matrix

Enlightenment Activations

Heart Oriented Ascension DNA Mastery Sequences and Activations

Activations for Ascension

Starseeds Activations

Advanced Mastery Profiles - Mastery Activations

Ascended Masters Activations

Void Mastery Activations

Holy Spirit Shekinah Mastery Sequences

Ascension Mastery Activations

Tools for Everyday Clearing

Feathers of Light Courses

Feathers of Light’s courses are facilitated by distance learning. You will receive a clearing and balancing before each attunement.

Click through to the links to learn more about each course and the fees.

Ethereal Crystals Course

Ethereal Flowers Course

Kundalini Reiki Activation Course

Tools of Mastery

The Angel Stone Attunement

Violet Flame Attunement

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Om-ra is a qualified Kundalini Reiki Master
Certified Crystal Healing Master

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