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Feldenkrais Hobart

Contact Name Wendy Leewood
Mobile 0447 120 607
Address Hobart TAS 7000

The Feldenkrais Method® is a one of a kind way to deal with learning and movement.

Feldenkrais Hobart

Many people have habits of holding onto certain things that make us more effort than we need to. We frequently don't understand that’s what we do. If you are experiencing pain, discomfort or difficulty with your mobility, I can assist you to learn and experience, a more comfortable, satisfying way to move.

The benefits of Feldenkrais include:

  • Restoring function after an injury and preventing secondary injuries from unconscious compensations

  • Refining abilities as competitors, artists, musicians, martial artists, and other performance artists

  • Improving balance, posture and breathing

  • Relieving neurological conditions, (for example, stroke, M.S., C.P., and Parkinson's), by enhancing coordination, stamina, ease of movement and stability

  • Alleviating or reducing chronic pain

  • Reducing the impacts of anxiety and pressure

  • Increasing range of motion and flexibility without straining or stretching

  • Helping individuals stay flexible and active as they age. Stooped posture, loss of function and restricted movement are often conceived as normal as we get older. While we prescribe the Method for prevention, it’s never too late to learn to move around comfortably and easily, and recover lost function.

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Feldenkrais - What, why and how

Feldenkrais Hobart