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Feldenkrais Feldy Pysio

Feldy Physio sessions are specifically tailored to suit the individual to facilitate learning about human movement, posture and functioning and for improving physical and mental abilities.

At Feldy Physio knowledge and experience of Physiotherapy and The Feldenkrais Method are utilized in one-to-one Functional Integration sessions. You are guided by gentle non-invasive touch through a series of movement explorations particular to your individual needs.

The Feldenkrais Method utilizes movement exploration and attention to understand our habits and to discover, learn and acquire alternatives which provide ease and efficiency.

The Feldenkrais Method is applicable to a range of situations from pain management, rehabilitation following a stroke and child development to enhancing the performance of sports men and women, dancers, musicians and actors.

Start to develop an understanding and awareness of your own actions by attending lessons at Feldy Physio today.

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