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About Nisha Gill
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Feminine Instincts

Nisha Gill

East Hawthorn VIC 3123

Servicing area: East Hawthorn, Victoria

Feminine Instincts

Feminine Instincts ~ Melbourne Wellbeing & Birth Services: embracing body wisdom for pregnancy, birth & beyond

"Serving you in your unique transformation whether you are birthing your baby or a new version of yourself. Contact me for a free 20-minute discovery call if you feel we may be a good fit to working together." Nisha Gill

About Nisha Gill

I offer a unique service combining tactile therapies, counselling, trauma therapy and energy healing in a suburban Melbourne sanctuary. The pace is unhurried, the atmosphere calming, and the experience one of being totally nourished. It is a place where you can trust, lay down your burdens, and feel truly seen and held. It is from here that you can access your peaceful core and invite the possibility of renewal on all levels of your being. My speciality is in assisting women to tap into their primal magic during pregnancy and childbirth to pave the way for a joyful and expansive birthing experience and a positive start to motherhood.

  • Pregnancy and Birth Services

  • Holistic Bodywork

  • Counselling

  • Somatic Experiencing (trauma therapy)

  • Sacred Female Yoga

  • Classes, Workshops & Retreats

For more information about the services I offer, Frequently Asked Questions, or to read testimonials, visit my website.

About Nisha

I believe….. that our greatest longings as humans are for deep connection with ourselves and one another, and a clear sense of purpose in our lives

that every challenge is an opportunity for learning and personal growth

that our bodies and minds are inseparable that none of us needs to be “fixed” or “healed”

that we each have the power to reframe our reality to one which is less limiting or stressful and that living with authenticity and a sense of fullness is the most valuable thing we can each offer the world

As a mind-body practitioner I am deeply fascinated by the intelligence of the human body to find resolution and balance on every level, and in every moment. I offer a space of trust and unconditional support to allow the gentle release of what no longer serves you in the form of thoughts, beliefs and patterns of behaviour reflected in your body and way of being.

This then allows you to connect with a far more peaceful and expansive sense of yourself than your issues would have you believe. It may pave the way for feelings of lushness and pleasure in slowing down and just being present in your body… and not having to always do, do, do to feel good about yourself. It may engender deep trust in your own ability to navigate through the ups and downs.You will have less need to rely on others for validation. You may even come to like or love yourself

And from this place of abundance, anything is possible

Nisha’s Background

After thirty years of working as a speech pathologist, I followed my passion for more holistic ways of being with people. I transitioned over the last fifteen years to working solely as a mind-body practitioner using a variety of complimentary approaches. My deep thirst for learning persists to this day as I seek to continually refine my skills in all that I offer.

I am passionate about supporting women with a range of holistic tools to cultivate trust in the inherent wisdom of their bodies, and most of all as it applies to feeling empowered through their birthing asnd early parenting experience.

My specialities include supporting women to heal birth and sexual trauma through a body -centred approach combined with counselling.

I offer individual & couples sessions, classes, workshops and retreat days in my sanctuary in Hawthorn East.

Please call, visit the Feminine Instincts website or click on one of the buttons below to instantly message me if you feel I may be of service to you.

I offer a free 20-minute discovery session via 'phone to see if we are a good fit to working together.

Qualification Details

  • Dip. Holistic Bodywork
  • Dip. Remedial Massage
  • Dip. Pregnancy Massage
  • Somatic Experiencing® (Advanced 1)
  • Cert. Holistic Counselling
  • Dip Counselling (in progress 2018)
  • Cert. Birth Hypnosis
  • Cert. Doula Training
  • Cert. Birth Education Training
  • Cert. Creative Ways Of Making Space For Baby, Parts 1 & 2
  • Cert. Spinning Babies workshop
  • Spiritual Midwifery Training
  • Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training (in progress 2018)
  • Newborn Mothers Collective Training (in progress 2018)
  • Cert. Lomilomi Massage
  • Cert. Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage
  • Cert. Aromatic Kinesiology 2
  • Tigress Yoga & Sacred Female Yoga Instructor Training
  • Reiki Level 1
  • B. Appl. Sci. (Speech Pathology)
  • Myotherapy & Massage. Assocn. Aust.

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