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Do you often find yourself being jumpy, easily startled?Not able to unwind? Or wake from sleep with fear coursing through your body?

Feminine Instincts - Trauma Support

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East Hawthorn, Victoria

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Nervous system Wellness Birth preparation Hormones Embodiment Guided journey

Trauma Support

Do you find yourself over-reacting to what may seem like relatively small triggers? Have recurring or racing thoughts? Or even have panic attacks. Do you feel numb or out of touch with your feelings and your body? Disconnected from other people?

These are all signs of trauma being held within your body’s nervous system. So any of this sounds like your experience, there are tried and true ways of gently shifting the symptoms of trauma from your nervous system. The healing comes not from recounting the event but through gradually building capacity withinn your nervous system. The overall result with this specific approach to healing trauma is that you will have more energy available for you to respond to life in the here and now, rather than through the lens of past experiences and events that keep you trapped in your body.

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