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Jane Dempster-Smith

Feng Huang Consulting

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Jane and her team have over 35 years of Feng Shui experience between them and offer their expertise in all aspects of Chinese Metaphysics such as Feng Shui, Bazi (Chinese Astrology), Yi Jing and Date Selection. We also offer courses on Feng Shui to Property Developers and Investors and run workshops on Feng Shui for Residential and Commercial properties.

Feng Huang Consulting

Servicing area

North Curl Curl, New South Wales

Focus areas

Reading Business Restructuring

New Courses from Feng Huang Consulting.........................

One Hour Workshops to be held at your office before during or after work or in the privacy of your own home - minimum numbers apply.
    1. Life Gua analysis
    2. How to set up a home based office/business
    3. Feng Shui for property developers and investors (this can be a 1 hour, 2 hour or full day workshop)
    4. Practical Feng Shui for the workplace
    5. How to work with annual energies
    6. Feng Shui for property buyers
$48 regular
Can be held via telephone/skype $48

Feng Shui Floorplans for your next build - specifically designed according to your environment and dates of birth and requirements...please contact us...

Ask the Expert
20 minute time slots $48 - send your floorplan or questions in for Feng Shui clarification

Classical Feng Shui Services for your home, home based business and all businesses.

Services offered are:
    Feng Shui analysis
    Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny reading)
    Date Selection
    Yi Jing Divination
    Looking to buy or rent a property using Feng Shui
    Looking to sell your property using Feng Shui
    Building or Renovation services


I have studied under many Asian masters whilst living in Singapore. They are:
    Raymond Lo from Hong Kong
    Vincent Koh from Singapore Polytechnic
    Helen Ong - Senses Asia
    Sherry Merchant - Mastery Academy India
    Joey Yap - Mastery Academy Malaysia

    Committee Member IFSA - Australian Chapter
    Accredited Professional of the Feng Shui Network in Australia
    Platinum member of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants in Australia

about us

Jane Dempster-Smith, Principal Consultant and Founder of Feng Huang Consulting believes that everyone can take advantage of Feng Shui principles to assist them in achieving their goals in life, improve their well-being and to make the most of opportunities that come their way.

Whilst based in Singapore since 2000 Jane has studied classical Feng Shui under various Feng Shui Masters from Hong Kong, Malaysia, India and Singapore. Jane has given talks on Feng Shui to various associations in Singapore and has written articles for magazines including Expat Living.

Jane works with her clients in Singapore and Australia to provide them with Classical Feng Shui solutions to enhance their goals in life.

Jane and her team of consultants are fully trained in authentic classical Feng Shui focussing on its effective application in todays modern environment.

In 2008 Jane joined 40 other consultants from around the globe to Walk the Mountains of China and chase the Dragon's vein. This program provided by the Mastery Academy and Jane's master in Feng Shui - Joey Yap - takes students on a study tour to examine notable Feng Shui landmarks, mountains, hills, valleys, ancient palaces, famous mansions and tombs in China to enhance their Classical Feng Shui knowledge.

Jane is a member of various Feng Shui associations such as Feng Shui Network and the Association of Feng Shui Consultants of Australia.

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what we do

We offer Feng Shui analysis for all commercial and residential properties.

A commercial analysis is suitable for all offices, factories, warehouses etc. If you are planning to open a new business or company, renovating or restructuring your current organisation or just wish to expand your current business a Feng Shui analysis is tailor made just for you.

A residential analysis is available for all apartments and homes if you are moving, renovating or selecting residential properties for investment or if you would like to know how to make the most of your current property.

Land Selection - Feng Shui is recommended when choosing land for building your own home, housing estates or commercial premises. Different techniques are used to ensure that the Qi is tapped from the environment to maximise the goals and objectives of the residents.

Feng Huang Consulting can design your own home or commercial premises using classical Feng Shui principles.

Feng Huang Consulting uses Date Selection to assist clients in choosing the most auspicious time for special events in their life eg moving house, signing contracts, ground breaking and renovating.

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