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Fiona Djapouras, Living Life On Purpose

Fiona Djapouras

Servicing area: Globally via online, Kogarah, Rockdale, Brighton, Bexley, Southern Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, North Shore, All Greater Sydney

Focus area: Telehealth
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Fiona Djapouras - Integrative Mindset Coach and Spiritual Healer

Combined Therapy Cocktail (CTC Master Therapist)


Fiona Djapouras

Is anxiety, panic or trauma holding you back from being the best you can be? Are you tired of facing life with the same unhappy outlook every day? Are you feeling like there is no escaping the rut you are in and you wonder when you will ever feel light-hearted and happy again?

I work with you to uncover & develop your passion & create habits & behaviours to move closer to your goals.   

Even if you feel lost, afraid, unsure or stuck in a rut, our work together will help you heal your past, live in the present and unlock your full potential for your future that you desire. 

About me

As an Integrative Mindset Coach and Spiritual Healer, I am highly intuitive, highly qualified and experienced. I use this intuition and skill to help you heal from trauma or negative experiences and empower you on a personal and professional level. I specialise in Combined Therapy Cocktail (CTC), Time Line regression, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki and Meditative practices. 

I work with people in all different stages and phases of life and particularly people suffering deblitative depression, anxiety, panic or trauma related issues that hold you back and keep you chronically stuck. 

​Working With Me 

What do I mean by healing? 

​As an integrative mindset coach, I work with you to create lasting, meaningful change. This is gained when you overcome the harmful habits and programmed patterns that prevent fulfilment. We all have had to overcome obstacles in order to grow. For some, hardship is experienced through trauma, while for others, it may be through everyday life experiences. Regardless of the journey, in order to move forward, you need to heal the past.

To create the future of your dreams, a key component is to release your past experiences. Then, we create a compelling future so that you have a vision to pursue. 

​I use multiple modalities to start the transformation. Starting with a CTC at the beginning of your coaching provides the baseline healing necessary to propel you into living a fulfilling life. 

​Are you ready to be free of phobias and beliefs that hold you back from living your best life? This powerful three-hour process provides a lasting, genuine transformation of the mind, body, and spirit, all in one session. 

​This is the starting point for creating change. We work in the treatment space together to understand and clear the cause and effect of events in your life. We keep the lessons of the past but remove the negative emotions attached so that you can move forward with wisdom and knowledge.

​CTC successfully treats a wide variety of issues, including: 
  • ​All fears and phobias, such as public speaking, heights, confined areas, spiders, snakes, judgement.
  • Insecurities
  • Addictions, such as smoking, alcohol, sugar, comfort eating 
  • Feeling stuck and uncertain of direction 
  • Limiting beliefs 
  • Negative emotions 
  • Anger, resentment, frustration, resentment 
  • Pain and illness 
  • Weight related issues
  • Eating disorders 
  • Depression 
  • Fatigue 


Qualification details

Master Therapist of CTC - Combined Therapy Cocktail - International Institute Combined Therapy Cocktail 2018
Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming - International Institute Combined Therapy Cocktail 2018
EFT Practitioner- International Institute Combined Therapy Cocktail 2018
Practitioner Hypnotherapy Training - International Institute Combined Therapy Cocktail 2018
Spiritual Healing
Reiki 1 and Reiki II Practitioner
Crystal Therapy

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Fiona Djapouras, Living Life On Purpose