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194 Ashmore Rd
Benowa QLD 4217

Servicing area: Gold Coast

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Nothing is more important than feeling Fabulous!

And that is what I am here to help you to achieve!.

About Fiona Bentley

I specialise in relaxation and my aim is to assist you in finding the ease in the body, mind and heart.

When the body is in a place of Ease, having let go of all Stress and Tension, it is able to perform more effectively. This means you are able to perform better and have more ease and clarity within yourself.

If you suffer from:
  • Stress and Tension
  • Recent Surgery
  • Injuries
  • Back Pain
  • Shoulder and Neck Pain
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Fibro myalgia or Chronic Fatigue
  • Menstrual Pain or Menopause
  • Post Natal Depression
  • Depression
  • Fears or Anxiety

Then give me a ring and book in for a consultation and I will create a treatment plan specifically to suit your needs.

Read what some of my happy clients have had to say about the services & treatments I have to offer.

My Thoughts on Fiona Bentley

Fiona is an inspiring and gifted lady who lives her passion of healing through reiki, crystals , essential oils and flower essences Fiona trained me in reiki to level two. She was professional but also instilled the course with the wonderful positive energy that is reiki. We did a comprehensive and practical training that left me feeling confident in your understanding and excited about the world it opened up to me. Afterwards joining one of the reiki groups she runs allowed me to grow in my practise under her gentle guidance

What I have also found very exciting is watching Fiona's work with horses. There is no doubt that she connects with each horse she works with. They are able to convey to her their needs and she helps them move and release unwanted energy and heal physical and mental wounds. She works with great respect for the horses and they totally relax, yawn, stretch and exhibit other signs that indicate release and healing. She is also using my horses to train people in reiki for horses. She is very aware of creating a safe environment and helps learners to connect with the horses. I have one horse, Merlin, a white pony with violet eyes who has developed a special relationship with Fiona and her crystal healing He communicates his need to her of spending time with her and the crystals.

We organise a time and he is always up in the yard waiting on the day she comes. He is quite a strong personality but when Fiona sets up her crystal grid and treats him with the selected stones he seems to fall into almost a trance only waking up for cat like stretches or yawning and chewing. As Fiona moves the crystal around Merlin she explains what she is feeling from the horse and also any thoughts Merlin conveys. Afterwards when all the crystals are collected it's like he wakes up and always seems calm and bright eyed I would have no hesitation in recommending Fiona in her capacity as both teacher and healer


I am so appreciative of being guided to Fiona. I was in desperate need of help to release resistance and old negative thought patterns, that were preventing my physical body from healing.

For a long time, I have been coping with ongoing stiffness, pain and inflamation, alongwith muscle burning and fatigue in varying degrees. And in the weeks before having my first session with Fiona, I had been dealing with acute chronic pain in my upper torso - back, chest, shoulders & neck.

I had been addressing my symptoms with traditional treatments, as well as processing it on a metaphysical level, but there was no real improvement; due to deep seeded blockages!

However, with Fiona's wealth of personal experiences and her clear connection to divine guidance, she has helped me, allow my body to release layers of old stuff; at each session. And, I am now consciously allowing more changes to my viewpoint and my approach to life experiences, and feeling more peace and joy in myself.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to experience this healing process with such a gentle, loving and gifted soul.

With love and sincere thanks,

Celeste R. Johnson.

Aroma Touch

“I have seen Fiona twice for AromaTouch massage. It is so relaxing and the pure organic smells of aromatherapy work though the sense of smell. The experience has helped me to connect to some past memories and enabled healing of those feelings as they have presented.” Thank you ... Anne


I have been having Aromatherapy massage with Fiona for several years now. Fiona combines her massage techniques with Reiki and meditation to give a holistic treatment.

I have also done Reiki courses with her and I have found Fiona to be an excellent teacher.

My mother was having problems with bad dreams, so I thought one of Fiona’s aroma sprays would help. From the moment she began to use them at night, her bad dreams stopped. So I can attest to the effectiveness of the sprays. Fiona’s treatments really Nurture you....... Carolyn.


“I have been a client of Fiona’s for the past 5 yrs. Also, Fiona is my Reiki Master/Teacher. Fiona is an excellent instructor. She is innovative in her approach and very knowledgeable.

Fiona is always reliable, honest, prompt, courteous, and very caring. I hold her in high regard. I have benefited greatly from her treatments. I highly recommend Fiona as a Reiki Master/teacher and Practitioner..... Michelle

Bubbles the Cat

“Fiona came to see my 3 yr old RSPCA rescue cat “Bubbles” for a healing session to help her overcome her fear of being with our dog and being in a new home. Fiona felt there was a lot of congestion around Bubble’s head. On that day I had a big headache and Bubbles was showing Fiona that I also needed a healing session. Fiona was able to work with Bubbles and me. It not only helped my headache, but also helped Bubbles to be just that more relaxed with our dog.” Thank you .... Anne

Holly the Dog

Holly and I have known Fiona for almost 7 yrs. Holly was fretting for her sister, Lucy, who had died and she wouldn’t eat and just lay around depressed. The vet recommended Fiona. Fiona gave Holly Reiki, Flower Essences and Crystal Therapy as well as communicating with her. Holly bounced back to her lively self in no time.

Over the years Fiona has helped both of us. I broke my hip and Fiona came to the hospital and gave me Reiki, so that my leg would heal faster as well as easing the pain. She came each morning to help me walk and build up my confidence again.

Fiona also teaches, encourages meditation and strives to bring out the best in herself and others, and she is a natural with animals and humans alike. Thank you Fiona...... Kris and Holly

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