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Your Body Your Temple

Fiona House offers a range of Fertility Programs and Pregnancy and Holistic Massage. If you're looking for a healer whose focus is on women's health and fertility, call Fiona and chat about your needs. 

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Fiona House - Fertility, Holistic & Pregnancy Massage

Since the dawn of time, the perinatal cycle has been revered in ceremonies, art, songs and prayer. Many cultures recognised pregnant women as a Goddess - a creator of life with a close connection to the Divine.  Pregnancy is viewed a rite of passage, in particular for first time mothers, as they embrace their new roles as a mother, partner and woman.  This is a time of transition when changes occur at all levels – emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and hormonally.

Touch is an integral aspect of helping women to adjust to this transition. Once the child is born, touch can assist the mother to reformulate and rebalance herself and her body. 

Fertility Massage and Cleansing

Fertility massage and cleansing is best begun at least three months prior to pregnancy.  This enables full preparation of the uterus and body for the developing embryo.  Allowing the preparation time prior to conception increases the possibility of healthy conception and full pregnancy.  The body and uterus are cleansed, hormones balanced, chi within the womb can be built up. When the mind, body and emotions are relaxed, you open yourself compeltely to the possibility of having a child. This is a three-month program incorporating a range of massage methods and ancient cleaning rituals to prepare you and your body. 

Pregnancy Massage

I feel greatly honored to massage and offer nourishment to pregnant women at a sacred time in their lives.  Pregnancy involves great emotional and physiological changes during each trimester, and your massage will be tailored specifically for you and your needs.

Benefits of pregnancy massage: 

  • Reduces stress by increasing serotonin levels and reducing adrenalin

  • Increases oxygen to the baby and removes cellular wastes

  • Increases lymphatic flow and reduces edema

  • Reduces blood pressure and headaches

  • Increases circulation reducing varicose veins, muscle cramps and numbness of feet

  • Improves posture

  • Enhances the placenta function and increases prolactin production

  • Increases energy and endorphins helping you to relax

  • Improves our sense of wellbeing, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually helping you connect to your baby.

  • Increases the bonding between mother and child – research shows that increased touch during pregnancy encourages touch between mother and baby once it is born.

Post Partum Massage

Fllowing labour and birth, attention turns from the mother to the baby.  This is a time when it is crucial to continue care for the mother as she faces a new set of life challenges and changes both psychologically and physiologically.  The post partum period lasts for 6 –8 weeks but subtle transformations can occur for more than a year. Massage to the new mother assists in the transition to this new life and its accompanying demands.

Benefits of Postpartum bodywork/massage; 

  • Reduces aching muscles that are sore from the accumulation of pregnancy, delivery and breast feeding

  • Improves posture and realignment of pelvis

  • Provides emotional support during a demanding time and reminds the mother to still take time our for herself to find balance, and to honour her own needs

  • Hastens recovery for surgical scars from caesarean section and the reduction of adhesions within the abdominal cavity. 

  • Increases and strengthens the abdominal cavity again and organs to realign and return to pre baby positions.

  • Benefits breastfeeding by possibly increasing lipids, solids and casein in breast milk and decreasing the chance of clogging and mastitis

  • Encourage intestinal mobility decreasing constipation

  • Nurtures the baby as physical touch to the mother leads her to touch her baby with more care, awareness and confidence

Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage with Fiona is beneficial for lower back and neck pain and stiff shoulders and muscles, as well as calming the body and nervous system.

By using slow deep strokes (or a lighter touch if you desire) physical pain and muscular tension are eased, as well as mental chatter. This Massage Therapy rebalances the emotional body using a variety of energy based modalities.

Holistic Massage is either full body, or with a focus on specific areas, dependent on your needs. Appointments are 90 minutes long and each massage will vary depending on what is going on for you at the time.  A range of Therapies are employed and may include energy balancing or muscular unwinding to assist the body to realign itself into a better holding pattern. The therapy administered will depend on your needs on any given day.

Fiona’s Massage Therapies incorporate Myofascial Release, Cranio Sacral Therapy and Polarity Therapy. By combining these modalities with massage, your body is able to completely relax and unwind. They work directly on the nervous system and bring calm and centering. Undertaking Massage Therapy on a regular basis offers greater results for pain management and a deeper, more enduring feeling of peace.

If you’d like to hear more about the range of Fertility and Pregnancy therapies offered by Fiona House, call or visit her website, alternatively, click on the ‘Make an Enquiry’ button below.

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