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Post Graduate Bio-Energy Medicine Course

Bio-Energy Medicine

A Course in Bio-Energy Medicine

The term Bio-Energy Medicine refers to the science of analysis, prevention and alleviation, of conditions that adversely affect the biological energy field ... the life force of the person ... mind, body and spirit.

This post-graduate course in Bio-Energetic Medicine, aims to provide students and graduates of herbal medicine and other complimentary modalities, professional skills that can be utilised in the day-to-day clinic environment.

The course offers up-to-date, relevant information on the history, principles and philosophy of bio-energetic medicine along with the practical information about the methods of bio-energetic health analysis.

Structured in 7 modules containing theory and practical elements, the course provides a comprehensive background and a realistic application in which to use Bio-Energetic Medicine, in the clinical environment.

Bio-Energy Medicine Course: Requirements

Qualifications ...

Course participants are required to be either a student or graduate of any modality in the complimentary health industry, including … Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Osteopathic or Chiropractic. Alternatively, an established history of at least 5 years of clinical practice in your chosen field, with appropriate records of prior learning methods.

Equipment ...

The course does not cover specific use of individual equipment. Rather, it covers the principles, techniques and therapies universal to all Bio-Energy Medicine devices. We encourage equipment manufacturers to take responsibility for tuition in the basic use of their devices, although specific practical training with VEGA Test method of analysis is available on request.

Compound Learning ...

Course participants are required to complete each Module and pass the assessment for each module, before commencing the following module. All practical sessions must be attended in person. All assessments are required to be passed before a final statement can be issued. Final certificates will be issued if all course modules and assessments are completed within three years of course commencement.

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